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Boundless [COMPLETE] by Dellariousx
Boundless [COMPLETE]by ⋆ Della ⋆
Valerie Anderson was once happily married to the man she vowed to spend the rest of her life with. Every day was like a dream to both parties, until a mishap happened th...
The Prince's Temporary Wife by DreamScribbler
The Prince's Temporary Wifeby シンシアケイ
I'll just have to accept it and move on. Because it's only temporary. That's the only thing I can't change. I'm temporary and that's permanently true. I close my eyes, s...
Unforgettable Second Chances (editing) by CeruleanBlues
Unforgettable Second Chances ( CeruleanBlues
When Raine was just a child, someone had promised her that he would one day come back for her and they would marry someday. Somehow, as time passes by, the promise she k...
The Rejected Mate✔ by Gaby_Wongso
The Rejected Mate✔by Gaby_Wongso
A girl named Melissa was rejected by her mate who is an Alpha. She hates her life with the pack so she runs away together with her friend who is also an Omega as her Dan...
𝒞𝐻𝒜𝒩𝒞𝐸𝒮 || Lo'ak x Reader by liv__ing
𝒞𝐻𝒜𝒩𝒞𝐸𝒮 || Lo'ak x Readerby liv
"𝐈'𝐥𝐥 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬." Y/N had always been a special Na'vi. Born of the Metkayina clan and the chief's daughter (along with Tsireya and their...
Another Chance by Dark_Mysteries
Another Chanceby ⏮⏮⏮
Madara Uchiha can be many things, but being a female was not one of them. ----------- Everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how bad they were in their past lives...
All It Takes Is Love | ✍🏼 by ikc_writes
All It Takes Is Love | ✍🏼by IKC
"They say family is forever; blood is thicker than water. But what happens if all I wanted to do was kill my own family?" A boy, Ace Moretti to be specific, wa...
BLEAK by Ortiz-Novels
BLEAKby Ortiz-Novels
Gunner Ardent discovers that his Luna is none other than Mindy Rivers. Granddaughter to one of the most ruthless fighters the Cobalt Nation has ever seen. Mindy, however...
The Chaotic Wires of Love **COMPLETE** by mysticaltales11111
The Chaotic Wires of Love ** LifeDrama&SomeFictions
Arnav and Khushi were together for a while, in the story of their Lives.She had loved him with all her heart, and he had cared too.However, back then,time wasn't in thei...
Short Stories ( English Collection ) by Epicwriter15
Short Stories ( English albeynjan
Random English Short Stories Hope you like it.
The Truth Hurts by 7ofspades_
The Truth Hurtsby • Gia •
"You know...I thought I was just being a good friend by telling you. But no...I just wanted you for myself right? I didn't care about your feelings?" Even thou...
Love Happens Again by 957ck1234
Love Happens Againby 957ck1234
Enter the book and 📖read
Second Chances Don't Come Easy by SouthernRose94
Second Chances Don't Come Easyby SouthernRose94
After the deaths of her parents, Henri becomes the bottom of the pack. When her mate rejects her, she runs. The Adelis pack adopts her. She finds her second mate only we...
The One That Got Away (Ongoing) by Lunaica-zero
The One That Got Away (Ongoing)by Aica Phoenyx
After being a runaway bride. Janella managed to continue her life and soon became successful. Until one day, she happened to cross path with her ex-fiancè/ex-groom, Xand...
Second Chances by kawaiipotato1516
Second Chancesby Blue_Mistral
When Sakura goes back in time to stop the war will she change it for the better or will she just make it worse? She has many things to worry about, will she be able to l...
Love Me, Again? by AwesomeCo-Writers
Love Me, Again?by Little Bee
She hates him with a passion. He loves her with all his heart...Another chance at love....Six whole months of waiting was nothing to Mason, but the memories lost over th...
Liana by Isabella12Maryann
Lianaby Isa💖💖
"I can't believe you made the first move" Kieran said smiling down me "and I can't believe you waited for me to make the first move" I replied smili...
La Dama Dominante Series 1: Chasing Chances by May_Rin
La Dama Dominante Series 1: May_Rin
Hiraya Keiriane Pullman was a household name in the tabloids 4 years ago. "Most Eligible Bachelor Gets Married to a Nobody" might sound like a fairytale but it...
The Cupid Complex (Original Version) by 4everSherlocked
The Cupid Complex (Original Sherly Holmes
Jeon Junho is the son of Cupid. Like his father, he believes that love is something that only desperate people need or want. During his yearly trip to Earth on Valentine...
Dramione: Following my heart (ongoing) by I_Write_2008
Dramione: Following my heart ( I_Write_2008
***This is also a blinny/Ransy/Huna story*** Draco malfoy. an 18 year old boy, Ex-death eater, the boy who didn't have a name him. Hermione granger. An 18...