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Stop | HyunIn by knzhgts
Stop | HyunInby knzhgts
Hyunjin is a heartless bully, who doesn't consider anyone a friend. Jeongin is just one quiet student, who doesn't want to trust anyone. But what if everything was dif...
Puppy and Wolf (Chanmin/Seungchan) by LostRfromStay_skz
Puppy and Wolf (Chanmin/Seungchan)by LostRfromStay_skz
Fanfic of Chan and Seungmin 🌟INTERACTIVE ON CONVERSATION TAB🌟 Minor Relationships: Hyunin Minsung Changlix The shy and polite Seungmin is ever falling for Chan, the le...
Why Me- Chanseung by seungie_my_bias
Why Me- Chanseungby seungie_my_bias
Bang Chan, a foreign exchange student comes to live with Kim Seungmin in Korea. What Chan doesn't know if how much this boy would change his life. Fluff Angst Possible s...
Fate by mayfrommmtok
Fateby Sky's
⭕ Currently re-writing ⭕ "Put all the blame on that arrangement , not me !" An arrangement without feelings but with mistakes,will it be a good start for them?
truth or dare. - hyunin by sevinevitable
truth or dare. - hyuninby sevi
truth or dare. // hyunin (hwang hyunjin and yang jeongin of stray kids) - an au of hyunin where jeongin likes hyunjin and was invited into a party where he can finally b...
Sarang  by MinhoOfficial
Sarang by MinhoOfficial
Chris es el amigo de Minho, Minho es hermano de Seungmin, Seungmin tiene autismo y no sabe qué es ese sentimiento que aparece en él cada vez que está con Chris. ¿Cuánto...
Love, Hyunin by icebqba
Love, Hyuninby kai
Jeongin. An average (very beautiful) boy in high school starts getting notes from a mysterious writer named 'Hyu' and goes upon figuring out who it is. *lowercase inten...
It breaks me too love you (changlix) by withskz03
It breaks me too love you ( Happy
"I loved you so bad... ...that i-... Have fun reading it^^ English Started: 06/15/21 Ended:
adventure // skz  by hyunjins_yaong
adventure // skz by Hyunjin's yaong~
where 8 eight boys will go through an adventure...
𝐂𝐋𝐎𝐔𝐃𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃 by yumilix
oneshot compilations of kim seungmin - welcome and have fun reading!
Praise me, Love me, Kill me | Stray Kids AU | Minsung by elena24aly
Praise me, Love me, Kill me | elena24aly
"Be careful with who you choose to take home" A heartbroken Minho meets at his concert an innocent looking guy he hooks up with by the end of the night. Thinki...
you're pretty . changlix by xaeiya
you're pretty . changlixby mary
"ah, lee felix. you were such a sunshine." - in which changbin is head over heels with a cute male in his work, felix. [completed.] HIGHEST RANKING(S): #4 in b...
CEO's Son by SweeetPumkin
CEO's Sonby hi 🦊
The elevator gave a ding before the doors opened. Sighing he stepped out of the elevator and made his way out of the building. It was a start. °°° Yang Jeongin, 20 year...
Together ( Chanmin/ Chanseung) by chanmindaughter
Together ( Chanmin/ Chanseung)by changlix__booo
A young man named seungmin was finding a roomate for his new house . This is when chan enters and the roomates turn into lover. Character introduction- Chan- 24 years ...
Way too dangerous by hakvta
Way too dangerousby junhui<\3
Their life seemed perfect, but what did Chan expect when he had two mafia gang members as boyfriends?
Prisms | Stray Kids AU | Seungchan by LostRfromStay_skz
Prisms | Stray Kids AU | Seungchanby LostRfromStay_skz
Seungmin is about to graduate high school and go to a community college nearby his house. He finds a letter addressed to him in the mail and opens it. "We would lov...