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Marked her as mine by babystepswriter
Marked her as mineby Faye
She bumped into him when she tried to escape from her abusive boyfriend. The first met that caught his attention. Fate brought them together again for the second time an...
Chasing Chloe by Wolfgirl54
Chasing Chloeby Wolfgirl54
Friends with Benefits. Werewolves. Witches. Ex-Girlfriends. Full Moons. Death. Best Friends. Lies. Love. This is Carson, and I'm Chloe. That about sums us up.
Chasing My Rejected Mate by ImCalledTheQueen
Chasing My Rejected Mateby ImCalledTheQueen
I didn't know how important she was to me until she mutter those words. When my Rejected Mate accepted my Rejection. But I will do anything to Chase my Rejected mate bac...
Run Bunny Run  by Shamrock-Queen
Run Bunny Run by Shamrock-Queen
The slamming of his feet against the fallen leaves grew louder and louder until they slid to a halt by another tree. His thick toes flexed in his tightly worn boots; it...
The Broken Mafia Trampled into Her World by babystepswriter
The Broken Mafia Trampled into Faye
Elsie Miller, just an ordinary girl with a simple life. Her life turned chaotic when she accidentally bumped into a little girl that attached to her immediately after th...
Chasing Amy (Daryl Dixon/The Walking Dead) by tacodixon
Chasing Amy (Daryl Dixon/The ♔
Vulnerability should never equate to weakness. Amy Wilson had always relied on her older brother to keep her from harm. Even when the dead began to rise, this had not ch...
Kidnapped By Mistake ✔️ by BadassSleeper
Kidnapped By Mistake ✔️by Iva Martin
[COMPLETED] You would think it's cool to have a twin sister who shares the same hazel eyes and brown hair, the same nose and lips and who is approximately the same heig...
Premonition Of Love (Villacano Series #1) by Applether
Premonition Of Love (Villacano AJ
Being the unfavored daughter and lady of the Moon's clan, Athanasia Harriette have seen what will happen to her in the near future. She is destined to die because of lov...
DEVIL'S SHADOW by TrilogyPublishers
DEVIL'S SHADOWby Trilogy Publishers
ROI has complete power over India. Both good and evil exist. A person who saw the dark side wants to eliminate the whole ROI. Can he stand against the whole country? Can...
CHASING SHADOWS : "Secrets Untangled in Moonlit Pursuit" by HabibaKhan555
CHASING SHADOWS : "Secrets Habiba Khanam
Emir and Ada, two people with a shared past from school, meet again at Enshroud's, Emir's company. Emir is a successful and mysterious businessman, while Ada, an aspirin...
Him. | A Joe Jonas Fanfiction by joemylovee
Him. | A Joe Jonas Fanfictionby JoeMyLovee
Addison Morris has been trained for this life since she was 7 years old. There's only one problem. It's not the life she wants to live. - #1 in DNCE
Chasing Drake Montecillo by cheerzzz
Chasing Drake Montecilloby cheerzzz
Jamie had been consistent on chasing his DREAM... Drake Yvan Montecillo, a handsome athlete and a famous jock of their school. But Drake was also consistent in turning d...
Chasing Crow (Andy Biersack Love Story) [COMPLETED] {1} by RaisedByWuuves
Chasing Crow (Andy Biersack Love Tiffani Bell (T-$) (Ratchet E...
FIRST BOOK IN THE "Chasing Crow" SERIES Niki finds a strange cat outside of her apartment one rainy night. She takes the cat in and takes care of it, not reali...
Chasing Mr. Romantic Ballader by RaraMavs
Chasing Mr. Romantic Balladerby ROSE
The story of a teenage girl who crazily inlove to a heartthrob/basketball player and known to be a 'Mr. Romantic Ballader'. This guy is ignoring her presence. But for he...
Mr. Mafia  by Jajarxe
Mr. Mafia by InknPaper
Do really Caleb Keir is inlove with a girl named Celeste Veil? A grumpy-cute girl named Celeste Kirsten Veil was an girl with a very high pride, even she made a mistake...
Chasing Hope by ichigoely
Chasing Hopeby cy
Nadeleine Vienaiaz from ADMU and Kiel Ezchavez from UST, have the same bright future in life and are walking the same path. Things went well for them for a few years unt...
The RIGHT ONE  by Mike-Mikes
Emperor Heart Series 1
Chasing Harry - LS  [2013] [2/3] by justakiss22
Chasing Harry - LS [2013] [2/3]by just a kiss 2.2
[CHASING THE MOMENTS SEQUEL] I left for a reason and I wasn't going to drag myself back into it. Growing a pair of balls, I took a deep breath and cleared my...
Parenting 101 by bluesavvy
Parenting 101by Umaima
Jacqueline West, an average girl, who could barely take care of her self finds her life twisted upside down. Taking care of a kid while going to school is something neit...
Chasing After Wind // Jordi GDL FF by cattoxoxo
Chasing After Wind // Jordi GDL FFby cattoxoxo
UAAP FF 5 As the youngest of two, Kyrell Larea Hernandez acknowledges society's beliefs when it comes to being the youngest child. That they're the most spoiled, the mos...