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Crabapple (twisted wonderland fanfic)) by Mushroomchild96
Crabapple (twisted wonderland Andrew
Epel and Jack have just graduated from NRC. they have finally moved out together as roommates and have great jobs. Jack works as a bouncer to a local club while Epel qui...
I'm Being Raised By Villains [ENGLISH TRANSLATION] by Charismatum
I'm Being Raised By Villains [ Charismatum
*Disclaimer: This story isn't mine, it is a Korean webnovel. This translation is mine though.* Synopsis: I thought I was an illegitimate child... but it turns out that I...
Guide to raising second male leads child. by bluemoonkat
Guide to raising second male bluemoonkat
cover not mine. what would you do if you transmigrated into a book on the day you find that you are pregnant. You can copy it if you want to. ( Not like I can do anythin...
The Female Lead is Raised by Bosses by newmou
The Female Lead is Raised by Bossesby Locksmith
There were a few big bosses with different identities, all playing the same child raising apocalyptic game and raising the same daughter. ---they didn't know of each oth...
Mail Ordered Bride . Louisa's journey  by aurriccah
Mail Ordered Bride . Louisa's Mbali Moreki
Louisa King ,seeing her sister's happy married life and seeing her Knight not coming back , she listed her name to the papers and sought marriage overseas. she disdained...
Dad of Mine by Gena9000
Dad of Mineby Genamite
When Mikey sent Casey back in time Leo thought it destroyed Mikey to open the portal. it only destroyed his physical form. in one last desperate attempt to save his brot...
Across The Stars by xxbreaxx11
Across The Starsby xxbreaxx11
How is YiMin to survive being transmigrated into the body of a 3 year old? From being thrown around the galaxy, raising a 5 year old, being abandoned by her family, and...
Grasping For Life by duckface69f
Grasping For Lifeby Annymous
A philosophical, mildly comedic story that re-examines the phenomenon known as primitive reflexes - reflexes present in babies but not "neurologically intact"...
The Child Of Halloween  by GokuStormOfficial
The Child Of Halloween by Goku Storm
After a frisky night Danny becomes pregnant and Phantom freaks out because what the fuck is he supposed to do now? He doesn't know how to raise a child! Hell he didnt ev...
A Matter of Love or Death by Xertz_Eater
A Matter of Love or Deathby Chinese Proverb
In a strange world, the survival of the fittest has been stretched towards the wrong direction. Females and males compete to win the most qualified mate, and reproduce t...