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To All the Liars I've Hated Before by bobbydangdoh
To All the Liars I've Hated Beforeby Evil ♥
When Marinette Dupain-Cheng's class betrays her, the school faculty turns a blind eye, and her crush Adrien Agreste acts like she isn't worth defending, Marinette is sha...
I'm From Gotham, That shit is in my blood by emilyphee
I'm From Gotham, That shit is in Call_Me_Emmy
Marinette was raised by the streets of Gotham City, crime capital of the world. They thought her to fight, steal, hide, and know when to call it quits. What they didn't...
Emotions In Motion( Discontinued Till 28th October) by Oobyy14
Emotions In Motion( Discontinued Oobyy14
Marinette Kent is sent to Paris to protect her from harm.She later becomes a hero; Ladybug.Her life goes on until Lillian Rossi comes into her lives. She turns her frie...
Maribat one shots by MiraculousFun
Maribat one shotsby ☃Mei-Mei☃
Just a bunch of Maribat one shots! My requests are open and I'm accepting asks. If you have any ship you'd like to see, make sure to tell me in the comment box or DM me...
Neglect Me No More by samosena
Neglect Me No Moreby samosena
After months of neglect from her friends, Marinette decides to transfer schools. These so-called friends of hers have made her an emotionless shell of who she once was. ...
All I Needed by -Marsh_Mallow-
All I Neededby Marshmallow
Lila has taken almost everything from Marinette...ALMOST. Luckily for her, she had some friends who did have braincells. Nino, Alix and Kim, along with, surprisingly Chl...
Slowly But Surely by mrm323
Slowly But Surelyby mrm323
It was too much. She had already been tossed into the deep water. Then Lila drowned her. Everyone watched. No one did anything. Except for three.
My One And Only - A Daminette Story by yannowhatigiveup
My One And Only - A Daminette Storyby ywigu
Damian Wayne convinced his father to let him go to Paris to learn more about these 'mysterious attacks'. Little did he know he would find a pretty little girl with blueb...
True Friends by -Marsh_Mallow-
True Friendsby Marshmallow
4 years after Lila threatens Marinette, what she says comes true. The class turns on Marinette, and bullies her because she "bullies" Lila. Adrien is no help s...
Cat's Eye (Lukadrien) by aldwynrivers
Cat's Eye (Lukadrien)by aldwynrivers
Adrien Agreste is a perfect boy, with a perfect life. But there's something about him that nobody knows. Luka wants to know. Gay fix-it fic loosely based on Callimara'...
Glad To Have Met You (completed)  by darkaqua2704
Glad To Have Met You (completed) by darkaqua2704
Neither Damien nor Marinette ever thought that thalia's plan could change their lives so much !!! Was the change good or bad? Lie-la had been true to her promise because...
Various! Miraculous Ladybug Series x Genderbend Adrien Agreste! Oc Insert by CasonArtSweet
Various! Miraculous Ladybug CasonArtSweet
By daylight, Marin Dupain-Cheng and Amelie Agreste are normal, ordinary teenagers. But, unbeknownst to their family and friends, the two of them carry a huge secret... u...
A miraculous Phoenix by carmiya1414
A miraculous Phoenixby Mia
She is a teenage CEO who runs her own fashion empire, models, dances, paints and sings. So can you imagine what happens when she finds a mysterious ring that gives her p...
Enough!! Sausages Hair! (complete)  by darkaqua2704
Enough!! Sausages Hair! (complete) by darkaqua2704
Well it all goes like usual marinette getting aboanded by her friends because of sausages hair fanfiction /stories .......... But this one is with a bit of twist. Read t...
Daminette Soulmate AU by morganlbr
Daminette Soulmate AUby Morgan
Everyone has different platonic soulmate bonds, but not everyone has a romantic soulmate bond. There are different soulmate bonds, but you can only have one for romantic...
A Class Trip ~ A Daminette Story by hiya-itz-Sara
A Class Trip ~ A Daminette Storyby Daminette Lover!!!!!!!
" I'll take all of your friends away and Adrien will soon be mine." "We'll see about that Lila, we'll see." Marinette believed her friends would sta...
Snowy Kitty by hawaiianflower6711
Snowy Kittyby Hawaiian Flower
Lina was a normal girl until a terrible storm destroyed her home in the mountains and killed her parents and brother. The snow leopards found her crying and took her in...
Behold, Princess Marinette by bobbydangdoh
Behold, Princess Marinetteby Evil ♥
Marinette has two secrets. One, she is Ladybug, insect-heroine of Paris. Two, she is the daughter of King Felix and Queen Bridgette, the rulers of China. One day, her c...
𝟱 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 by floralsdust
𝟱 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀by ๋࣭ 𝜌𝜀𝛼𝑐𝘩'𝑠 𝑚𝛼𝜄𝜋⁺
◠ ◠ ﹒‹? ៸៸ ✿ 5 K I N G S ﹒﹒﹒ ━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━ ﹒ ████████ ﹒ ♡ ﹒ Many thought of being part of a The Blackjack would be easy but it isn't. Th...
Daminette Oneshots by LuckyStarKat
Daminette Oneshotsby LuckyStarKat
These are my Daminette oneshots, includes salt and sugar, beware! Note: This was formerly Daminette December. Cover isn't mine, found on google.