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PVZ heroes x reader!!! by Bookworm-thereader
PVZ heroes x reader!!!by Sunrise107
the name says it all, by the way, I do not own the pvz franchise and I don't own the characters BookWorm-TheReader is my nickname because I read a lot, but my bros call...
The L.E.A.F. Chronicles: Eclipse of the Grave by HardboiledEgg88
The L.E.A.F. Chronicles: Eclipse starving gremlin
Update (as of May): Sorry yall for the inactivity, I've been busy with college stuff and am preparing for that so I haven't been able to focus on my art and story accoun...
Plants vs Zombies Heroes Friendships by destinye70007
Plants vs Zombies Heroes Wolfgang
The plants and zombies heroes have stopped fighting each other and became friends. They bring peace and joy to the world.
The Last Day of GW School Detention HILARIOUS by OliviaArcherWellner
The Last Day of GW School Olivia Archer-Wellner
Super Brainz and 80's Action Hero are back in Detention for cheating on Otto Do's Math Final, with ridiculous expectations and limits in this funny story.
Chompzilla In The Hospital! Funny by OliviaArcherWellner1
Chompzilla In The Hospital! Funnyby Olivia Archer-Wellner
When Otto Do, Mr. Bracey, and the Plant at the front desk in the Main Office find out that Chompzilla has kept her office window shut for four months, she is running low...
Chompzilla Is The Principal! by 12151531a
Chompzilla Is The Principal!by 12151531a
Chompzilla is the Principal of Garden Warfare School. But when the Plants and Zombies in Otto Do's class test her dominance over the school, Chompzilla becomes enraged.
Heroes in the house of mouse by ScampiP
Heroes in the house of mouseby Lord Of The Stories
Green Shadow and her gang are heading to the house of mouse for a special school trip crazy Dave has planned. But Dr. Zomboss and his group are coming, so is supertato a...
Wish Upon A Star, A Rainbow One! by ScampiP
Wish Upon A Star, A Rainbow One!by Lord Of The Stories
Wh ・Wh ・ What?! Everyone has suddenly gotten a lot smaller. And the reason is why the deceptihogs, accompanied by the cruel and brutal Blastgirl is stealing all their lo...
Super Brainz and 80's Action Hero plan Chompzilla's FUNERAL Hilarious by OliviaArcherWellner1
Super Brainz and 80's Action Olivia Archer-Wellner
When State Testing is tommorow for Garden Warfare School, 80's Action Hero will do anything to not take the test--even if that means planning a Funeral with Super Brainz...