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i love you.. you hobo [CHUGHEAD] (discont.) by that7osbabie
i love you.. you hobo [CHUGHEAD] ( ♛
❝ opposites attract.. most of the time ❞ - riverdale jughead x cheryl fanfiction. - note: don't copy my book. the characters belong to the television series riverdale...
ColexMadelaine by GisselleMorado
ColexMadelaineby cupcake girl🧁 .
Madelaine has been weirdly catching feelings for Cole but she doesn't want to tell him.Is Cole also catching feelings for her?;read this story to find out!
Riverdale/HP Crossover (My Version). Book 1 by Calumgirl22
Riverdale/HP Crossover (My 1🆘_Zayn6
My book is about a 20 year old girl named Lacey Carter who moved to Riverdale to get away from her past and she's lived there for about a year now with her friend Lilah...
Circumlocution ≫ Jarchie  by DistressInDisguise
Circumlocution ≫ Jarchie by Anna
T R I G G E R ▶︎ W A R N I N G S "Jughead, you can't drive like this, what if you get hurt?" "You weren't so concerned about me getting hurt when you hu...
Inside the Riverdale phones by menwithlongdarkhair
Inside the Riverdale phonesby hot cheese lover
This is private/group messages between different characters. This also will include some instagram/snapchat photos and comments.
Chughead  by GisselleMorado
Chughead by cupcake girl🧁 .
So Cheryl has been catching feelings for jughead and then she leaves to his moms and then Jughead goes but he doesn't know she there.
Chughead by GiselleBonilla151
Chugheadby Giselle Bonilla
so it starts of with bughead and charchie until jughead and Cheryl find out what betty and archie are doing behind there backs!!dun dun duiiun
[BUGHEAD] The Lost & Found  by riverdalestorytime
[BUGHEAD] The Lost & Found by Riverdale fanfics😘
3 years ago Betty gave birth to her and Jughead beautiful baby boy, Oscar. On Oscars first birthday Jughead woke up to find a note from Betty saying she had to go pursue...
Time of Sadness by Josiahyb825
Time of Sadnessby Josiah Ybarra
A small one -shot of the scene between Cheryl and Jughead, where he apoligizes to her for his "Dad killing Jason" Riverdale season 1 episode 12 "Anatomy...
Unforgettable // Cheryl and Jughead by gracious_fanfiction
Unforgettable // Cheryl and Jugheadby gracious_fanfiction
🎶And you are unforgettable, I need to get you alone. Now you wanna choose just pop the bubbly in the 'cuzi🎶
Jughead fell in love with the HBIC by lexilovesbec
Jughead fell in love with the HBICby lexilovesbec
Jughead leaves South Side High and moves to Riverdale High. This is when he first met Cheryl and he instantly felt someone for her. When Cheryl also first met Jughead sh...
It's gonna be good Hobo ❌Riverdale❌ by Sinaika
It's gonna be good Hobo ❌Riverdale❌by Mia
Jughead, a mysterious black-haired guy whose best friend goes to bass for the thing Jughead knows he did not. Cheryl Red Rose is a rich beauty who has experienced a lot...
Sweet Pea Has A New Lover? by lexilovesbec
Sweet Pea Has A New Lover?by lexilovesbec
Sweet Pea is a junior at South Side High. Sweet Pea has a crush on his best friend,Toni Topaz. Does Toni feel the same way?
my ride or die chughead by JaredRockwell
my ride or die chugheadby Demi
jughead a loner who's always been aline his hole life he has some friends archie and Betty and Veronica but when he is forced to hangout with Cheryl all day jughead will...
The Safe House: A Riverdale Fan Fiction by millie_moo20
The Safe House: A Riverdale Fan @millie_moo20
On Temporary Hold because I don't know how to continue! A multi-perspective, multi-ship story. Enjoy! It's senior year and everything seems different in the small town o...
Riverdale Texts by loverxchoni
Riverdale Textsby Charlotte
The world inside of Riverdale! This is on going until I stop!
The perfect girl next door  by BugheadxSprouzehart
The perfect girl next door by Bughead Stan