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Creating a better future by Livvyr
Creating a better futureby Livvyr
Harry Potter goes back in time as Assistant Professor Peverell to protect Severus.
The Fallen Fire (Royals of the Realm Series #1) by AstridGreene
The Fallen Fire (Royals of the J. M. Santiago
In the Immortal Realm, power overruns blood. So when Fyrrah Vulcan hadn't shown any sign of manipulating fire the day she turned sixteen, her father, King Victor of the...
Hired to Protect (Book 2 of The Hired Series) by LeannRyans
Hired to Protect (Book 2 of The Leann Ryans
*** This is a sample only. The full book will be available on Amazon mid-September*** When Penelope's ex doesn't get the hint that it's over between them, and decides sh...
A Demon's Romance DISCONTINUED as of 2022 by remote2007
A Demon's Romance DISCONTINUED remote2007
This story will have smut and it will be a mxm story so if you don't like anything like that I suggest you read at your own risk because you have been warned there will...
I Want Some More  by Killjoy_Hellrose
I Want Some More by Killjoy_Hellrose
Set in the Omegaverse, the two 17 year olds, Frank and Gerard have been friends since they were children. Frank is the alpha all omegas sought after, frank would allow t...
The Mating Season (Chase Me, Dear Alpha REWRITE) by jordanthenerd
The Mating Season (Chase Me, Jordan V.
Marcel Conway is fresh on the market for a new year of the Mating Season: a sex auction masquerading as a Peace Trade to keep the packs from going to war. But she's grit...
never [not] good enough  by WhateverYes4
never [not] good enough by Whatever Yes
Why is everything going wrong? The next few days, Jisung didn't leave his room. Chan still woke up early, Felix brought Jisung breakfast, lunch, and dinner but due to Ji...
Its the Dom  by Jcrdie
Its the Dom by -| Bxby Txger |-
Fuck outta here. :D @-sweetkxsses
King's Toy  by HelixGroup
King's Toy by HelixGroup
He grabbed me by my arm and shoved me against the door . I didn't know what to do . I was practically paralyzed . My eyes and mouth opened from shock . He kept on le...
River's Edge by ocarterok
River's Edgeby ocarterok
When Trevor, The Valley Moon's Beta's finds a human child next to a dead body in the packs forest. He wonders why fate is playing such a cruel joke on him. He and his ma...
Forbidden Land Of The Alpha by GwennyWrites
Forbidden Land Of The Alphaby xGwenny Mex
First Book Ever! ***** "Shift!" He growled dominance radiating through him, my wolf whines but she did shift, as i am comfused...
What i do for you,what you do to me. by Luna_loves_you_4ever
What i do for you,what you do to Luna C. Istvan.
Copyrights© Luna_loves_you_4ever ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THEIR GOING TO BE PARTS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES just a warning :D Story is [PG-16] RATED! (don't look at the side it...
Claiming The Amnesiac by spring_why
Claiming The Amnesiacby HE
Claiming #2 Article 143 means A Love, Die. - Attorney Diego Astryd Capellan March 31 - April 12, 2022
The chosen  by Inoridragoneel
The chosen by NerdReader
Lilith Duke is a dorky, shy, introverted girl, not really capable of a crime or could get away with it. But.. That all changes One day when she gets terribly sick she st...
Claiming Tomorrow by thesquall
Claiming Tomorrowby thesquall
Ro wonders if she is alive. Ro sometimes questions if she deserves to be alive. Ro wants to know what it feels like to be alive. James knows. After all, he is the very d...
Claimed on a Full Moon [ON HOLD] by Mica_25
Claimed on a Full Moon [ON HOLD]by Mica
Vanity Greene has never been out of her house her entire life. Her parents held her captive, tortured her, and barely fed her. One night, she escapes and unleashes a new...
Compensation For Cancelled Flight by flightdelayrefunds
Compensation For Cancelled Flightby Stephen Godden
The process to claim compensation for flight delays is not even remotely difficult. The establishment of companies such as Blueway Limited has made the flight delay comp...