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His Submission  by notbitchyxsweet
His Submission by bitchyxsweet
After your mother passing your father made a whore out of you for his own being...until your father gets a offering to pass you over to a very dangerous wealthy man Jung...
Assassins Love // Yoonmin   by btshandbook
Assassins Love // Yoonmin by btshandbook
In which Jimin and Yoongi both work at the same agency as one of the best assassins in the world. So what happens when the leader of the organization gets a call for the...
Unique Names ♡ by thisismhine007
Unique Names ♡by thisismhine007
If you are looking for..... ♡ Unique Girls Names ♡ Unique Boys Names ♡ Gangsters Code Names (GIRLS) ♡ Gangsters Code Names (BOYS) ♡ School or Academy Names ♡ Many Moreee...
Wizardly Shinobi by Hime_Of_Some_Shit
Wizardly Shinobiby ARMY
Dumbledore wrote a letter to his old friend saying, 'Send shinobi over.' His old friend, The Hokage called in her best team, consisting of Kitsune, Ookami, Iruka, and D...
The Real Dekusquad by Tenya-Iida-Stan
The Real Dekusquadby Violet
(Almost)Everyone thinks the Dekusquad is just smol innocent UwU babies. (One of them is but..) Watch as the rest of class 1-A tries and fails to solve mysteries surround...
Hang In There by sourqummy
Hang In Thereby The Nobody
Kate Woodworker, a girl that loves to draw. Suddenly, she's trapped in a popular video game along with her best friend, Frank Johnson. Eight other players are confined...
BLACK CAT (vmin underground au)| OT7  by vminfriendz95line
BLACK CAT (vmin underground au)| Srijeeta
BLACK CAT was a famous underground team in South Korea. When the police department failed to catch the criminals, they sought help from BLACK CAT. And they worked silent...
The Rant of a Immature Person  by BGM_LOVE
The Rant of a Immature Person by Saturn
heyyyy this is a book about me ranting about my life and stuff. If you get triggered very easily this is not the book for you. There is a lot You can call me LT. I don't...
CODENAME: 14 by TheOfficialSemiloore
Every year once a child turns 14, a special exam is conducted all over the country. No one knows why the exam is written or the purpose of the exam because there are no...
Who Am I? by DragonJedi9
Who Am I?by Spiderling
A new family move into New York, for Kanan's new job as a police officer, and meet a scruffy teenage pickpocket who has been living of the streets for almost eight years...
Avengers Chatroom. by fangirling_in_space
Avengers fangirling_in_space
The avengers create a chatroom but somebody*cough* thor*cough* invited loki and he wont leave. i own none of the characters or actors only Lauren and Maddy. (How can I...
Guild Of Thieves  by Razer_Phoenix17
Guild Of Thieves by Razer_Phoenix17
When hunted by the king's guards and nobility alike the Guild Of Thieves will do anything by any means necessary to get payed. What happens when documents are stolen, Se...
My life (in code names) by bmphillips0130
My life (in code names)by Bri
This is basically everything about everyone in my life and how I feel about them. This is told in a complex series of Code Names that very few people understand. This...
Love That's Never True.... by x_xiqrax_x
Love That's Never Hafisa Ahmed♡
♡Based on true story♡..♡ ♡more info~read♡
Reality's Escape: a collection of short stories by KeriMiss
Reality's Escape: a collection Miss_Keri
***UPDATES ON SATURDAYS*** This is a bunch of short stories I had to get out of my system. Each part is a complete story, so you don't have to worry about being left han...
CRUSH CODE NAMES by djdjcjjc
Me and my friends have had a lot of crushes over the years, so inspired by them I've decided to write a book listing ideas for secrete code names used to talk about your...
That One Choice by hscheibmeir
That One Choiceby Hailstorm
One path.One way. You're set on the trail, now you follow it. Sometimes it's not up to you. I believe in destiny. But sometimes it's chosen for you. Just be grateful...
Imperium Academy by Vigilant_Schemer
Imperium Academyby Vigilant_Schemer
In a world were super human powers are a common occurrence it would make sense that there would be a place to teach the next generation how to control their powers. And...
Official Army Guidebook - WPUA & WIA for Dummies by OfficialWPUA
Official Army Guidebook - WPUA & Wattpad Undercover Army
RECRUITING FOR LOTS OF POSITIONS!!! (Join here -->;) (First of all, you all are far from dumb! That's just a title :) Everything you "need-to-know" about W...