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Pale fire (Scott x Jimmy flower husbands fanfiction) by koolantlerz
Pale fire (Scott x Jimmy flower Mysterious writer
(COVER ART IS NOT MINE, VYOEH ON TUMBLR CREATED IT!<3) A story based on the Cod father, King Jimmy and His royal highness, king Scott of Rivendale. This fiction is pr...
Turning Tides: An Empires SMP AU by OakMoon_RiverClan
Turning Tides: An Empires SMP AUby ∆•DigitalDusty•∆
The seablings have some, shenanigans, with the ocean orb. There is no better way to explain it without spoiling it I swear
I see a flower in you. | Flower Husbands | by Zingzy53
I see a flower in you. | Flower Zingzy53
The story of 3rd Life, stings Jimmy's head. He has tried talking to his seabling in law, Joel, but it's no help. Scott, on the other hand has just defeated Xornoth, his...
If flowerhusbands was a musical by qtashru
If flowerhusbands was a musicalby Ashoodle
Musical songs/ just normal songs that remind me of flower husbands or just Scott or Jimmy alone :))
The Comfort of Broken Glass by WilburTilbur
The Comfort of Broken Glassby WilburTilbur
The Codfather gets trapped in a mirror. The other empires think he's died along will the rest of his empire. Scott and Lizze want revenge. Basically Jimmy gets trappe...
Melt The Frozen Heart •FlowerHusbands• ||REMAKE|| by clowninXaround
Melt The Frozen Heart • ender
This is a remake of my story from my main @xJUSTaCLOWN, but I've put a twist >:]]
• The song of a siren • by CryinggPoppies
• The song of a siren •by Crying poppies
Jimmy was walking along the beach, he enjoyed the small sound of the waves crashing upon one another, it was peaceful to say the least. Well, peaceful when there wasn't...
Love is a fragile thing that history wants to burn by Tj8thewatpad
Love is a fragile thing that Tj
Flower husbands songfic starring an original oc
Lovers from a different time  by nicktbone
Lovers from a different time by nicktbone
Around a year ago Scott started have weird visions about flowers about a year ago his parents die. Elf are shy and don't really interact with anyone but sometimes a kin...
Empires SMP ~ Season 1 ~ Oneshot by Ilovetoreadandwrite
Empires SMP ~ Season 1 ~ Oneshotby ~ Nova A. Xander ~
The Flowers We Pick (Always Die) ~ An Empires Fan Fiction. by Ilovetoreadandwrite
The Flowers We Pick (Always Die) ~ Nova A. Xander ~
"I don't need to kill you." Scott said, smiling peacefully, as if all was right with the world. But something said twinkled in his eyes. "See you in the n...
Jimmy (Solidarity) Oneshots because he is my favorite character by I_love_Polar_Bears
Jimmy (Solidarity) Oneshots Bear
why doesnt he have more stories written about him, he is a quality content creator. /// this will include my personal seablings theory, flower husbands, rancher duo, cod...
Empires SMP One-Shots by PoseidonsChild108
Empires SMP One-Shotsby Seadom
Just a bunch of one-shots of Empires SMP. Season 2, and Season 1. Accepting of both seasons. ALSO, Chromia is the place to DYE for. That's Scott's slogan for season 2 of...
Empires rp by CryinggPoppies
Empires rpby Crying poppies
Please read the first chapter if interested, this will be on discord so it will be a requirement.