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Mr Pei's Little Pity Is Too Good by NaomiiDump
Mr Pei's Little Pity Is Too Goodby 卂 | Selene ✩
The poor little one who suffered from depression and aphasia curled up in the corner, and Master Pei hugged the person in his arms: Be good, don't be afraid. Pei Chuan...

 After Becoming the Alpha Protagonist, I Snatched the Cannon Fodder Omega  by Thatgirlnamemae
After Becoming the Alpha Hestia
Alternate Title : 穿成主角A后把炮灰O扛跑了 Status : Completed Author : 草莓坨坨 - For offline purpose only Online web link;
The Soft and Adorable Host was Picked Up by the Yandere Bigshot by FelicityYuzuki
The Soft and Adorable Host was Felicity
Cover by: PluviumG? Alternate Title : 软萌宿主被病娇大佬捡走了 Status : Ongoing Author : 肎之 Bai Sang, who only lived for 18 years, died from a heart disease and was bound to a syste...
No One Saved Me by white_lotus108
No One Saved Meby the_officer's_moonlight
Original Title:无人救我双 Author: 又蓝 "Nobody's going to buy me emeralds. Nobody's going to give me babies. Nobody's going to save my life." -Lawrence Block, "E...
Little Terrified Bun by Xianxing_xu
Little Terrified Bunby Xixien
Short Title : LTB Alternate Title : 小怂包 Author : 暗香漂浮 Novel Summary In his past life, the little terrified bun, Wei Jing, tried attracting his father's attention by summ...
The Rich Ex-Husband Cries and Begs to Remarry by jb4002
The Rich Ex-Husband Cries and JB
THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I POSTED THIS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES Also not my translation! Source: MTLNovel ~~~~~~~ Novel Summary Ruan Tian had been in love with Shen Shu...
ေမြး၍စားလိုက္ဒီဇာတ္လိုက္! ​[မွေး၍စားလိုက်ဒီဇာတ်လိုက်]  [Myanmar Translation] by SuzanBlack-
ေမြး၍စားလိုက္ဒီဇာတ္လိုက္! ​[မွေး၍စ SusanBlack_1211
<Zawyyi> ဇီနို ဆိုတဲ့ မိဘမဲ့ေလးတစ္ေယာက္ဟာ ၀တၳဳတစ္ပုဒ္ကိုစြဲလန္းမိတဲ့အခါမွာေတာ့ .... ထို၀တၳဳထဲကဇာတ္လိုက္ကိုေဘာ္ဒါေကာင္းလိုသေဘာထားမိတဲ့အခါမွာေတာ့ .... သူကိုယ္တိုင္ထိ...
[MTL] Assasin Farmer by brattyz_yum
[MTL] Assasin Farmerby brattyz_yum
Short Title : AF Alternate Title : 捡枚杀手做农夫 Status : COMPLETED Author : Xi Zhen Source : MTLNovel Novel Summary Su Shuilian was the first legitimate daughter of a renown...
စကြ၀ဠာထဲကနံပါတ်တစ်ချစ်စရာအကောင်းဆုံးလေး(Translation) by I_am_Theia
စကြ၀ဠာထဲကနံပါတ်တစ်ချစ်စရာအကောင်းဆု T H E I A
Original Title - 我是 星际第一 大可爱 Author - 折眉远山 Genres - Fantasy ၊ Mecha ၊ Romance ၊ Sci-fi Shounen Ai ၊ Slice of Life၊ Yaoi Status in COO - 61 Chapters + 9 E...
ဟွားချင်းဂူ  ||  မြန်မာဘာသာပြန်  || by Abil--Gil
ဟွားချင်းဂူ || မြန်မာဘာသာပြန် ||by Abil--Gil
Title name : ဟွားချင်းဂူ [ uni x zawgyi ] Web name : The Journey of Flower Author(s) : Fresh Guo Guo Fresh果果 English Translator : noveldream Trans...
The Rest Of My Life Is For You [Volume 2] by Mgix_star
The Rest Of My Life Is For You [ StarryJade
...Please read the volume 1 before reading this... Yu Yuehan is the usual rich, perfect, aloof president-the richest man in City H; but one day, a female toddler sudden...
My Big Brother is Seeking Death Again by thallievf0120
My Big Brother is Seeking Death Nathallie VF
Author(s): Yóu qián 尤前 Translator: Isohungry Translations Universal Novel Galaxy TL Description: The...
You Must Pity Me by fhbsiij
You Must Pity Meby 🐾
Ever since she was young, Mo Yun was tenacious. When other girls fell, they would cry and wail in pain. Only she would press her lips tightly together, plastering on an...