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Since It's Gone Quiet by xoxoswaldo
Since It's Gone Quietby oswaldo isn't my actual name
Mason Harrison is the captain of the hockey team, undeniably good-looking, and always knows just what to say. But he doesn't come without his flaws... After a traumatic...
Hues Of Dusk by Snehalghuge13
Hues Of Duskby Snehal Ghuge
"Do you still hate me?" "Why shouldn't I?" Getting admitted into her favorite college doesn't turn out to be that awesome when Sandhya Rai comes fa...
My University Love  by indraneeeee
My University Love by indranee
A handsome,strict,caring senior Arnav Mehra, who is every girl's dream boy falls in love with a new comer, junior named Aisha. Will Aisha also fall in love with him too...
SIDNAAZ- THE BAD BOY'S GIRL  by Gooodvibiessswrites
SIDNAAZ- THE BAD BOY'S GIRL by Gooodvibiessswrites
|| Everyone said he was dangerous, but he was my safe..|| What would happen if the Bad boy ( THE BUllY) of the college falls in love with the shy girl of the college...
Starting Over  by _Elizabeth_D
Starting Over by Eliz_
BOOK ONE OF THE UNC SERIES: *Completed. Bonus Chapters are coming.* Taylor Lawson is a Lawson. Being a Lawson comes with responsibilities. For starters never trash the...
ᴘᴀꜱꜱɪᴏɴᴀᴛᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀꜱ💜✓(Comp). by mylovelifeaboutbts
ᴘᴀꜱꜱɪᴏɴᴀᴛᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀꜱ💜✓(Comp).by Shen shine
Lovestory of a popular senior and a new comer in the university... Simple and cute Kim Taehyung ✨. Handsome and passionate Jeon Jungkook✨. ___________________________ ...
Gap to No Gap  by artwomyn
Gap to No Gap by Rimpa Debnath
*****Disclaimer **** this is a fan fiction... real charecters and people are not involved with any of this story. I wrote this story from imagination because I love fre...
The Shy Night by ayemaaaaaan
The Shy Nightby .
For an extra dose of romance, I present these short little stories of love.
Opposite Repels by its_sanjh
Opposite Repelsby Sanjh
"She was sunshine to his darkest sky but his darkness were so consuming that it was fading her light." Ruhi is entering the college of her choice. She is hopi...
❤︎ My Revenge ❤︎ by Eroticlove_5
❤︎ My Revenge ❤︎by Eroticlove_5
Leonie Waldorf and Ian James hate each other. Not dislike. not barley tolerate. Hate. When he's needs a tutor and she's needs to make her ex jealous they make a deal. It...
Angel and a devil by deepzzz21
Angel and a devilby Author 21
this is a teen college love story. how an angel fell in love with a devil. hope you all will enjoy this story.
UNISTAR : Invisible Moon [ENG Version] by earthlok
UNISTAR : Invisible Moon [ENG Lok LalLaa
[ Thai BL Novel Translation ] 'In', is a famous UNISTAR member. He holds the title 'Invisible Moon'. He's outstanding and has a lot of fans, but can rarely be seen, as...
Forbidden Crush ✔ by thatabayagirl
Forbidden Crush ✔by thatabayagirl
A story of an eighteen-year-old girl who had a huge crush on her college senior. Naiza Rehman is a typical 18-year-old girl who loves to talk and interact with people. S...
Love in it's most extraordinary form, has the power to heal and transform. It teaches us that sometimes the most profound connections are forged through the fires of adv...
Best friend v/s Boyfriend  by llsmthaz
Best friend v/s Boyfriend by llsmthaz
A story of a girl who got sandwiched between her best friend and boyfriend. She can't lose any of them but happened to choose between the two. By whom will she stand? Re...
PEHLI MOHABBAT by spreadhappiness_
PEHLI MOHABBATby सौम्या | Saumya
|| Uss hawa mein ek nasha thha || ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Darshan looked down at the dizzying drops, nothing met his gaze but flat clouds, hiding the treasure of their landscape...
Always HIS  by Romantic_Fanatics
Always HIS by Pearl's Lover
In which a sweet innocent angel falls for a handsome, charming and a man full of secrets! ••• 19 years old Bella Chauhan shifts to USA for doing her post highschool st...
Forever Enigmatic by rose-crowned
Forever Enigmaticby 𝐆
"Distracting myself is the only way I can survive." Sierra Jenkins didn't think she'd escape the darkness unharmed, but there she was walking into The Gain tr...
college life  by fictionalworld01
college life by fiction world
vijay and Rashmika (y/n) Story of a college life With a rude girl and a innocent boy But The story turn to another destination Everything changed by a wrong decision...