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ANIDITA- HEART BROKEN (On Hold) by _pratii12_
This is an ff on the current track of Barrister Babu. Bondita is left heart broken when Anirudh marries Manorama, a Krantikari and brings her home. Despite Bondita's re...
Anidita: Love That Hurts (On Hold) by myhoeshateme
Anidita: Love That Hurts (On Hold)by Dipika
Can love even hurt? Peep into the story to know whether it hurts or not.. if yes, then how? ~ ©myhoeshateme ; do not steal, copy or use my work without giving credit.
BeHir FS - Possessiveness  by anonymouswriter029
BeHir FS - Possessiveness by Anonymous Writer
Hello everyone :) I'm back with a new story ! This one will be a short one, divided in 3 parts max. ( I really hope I won't have to write more than that 😂). Anyway...
Anidita [OS/TS/SS] || ✅ by myhoeshateme
Anidita [OS/TS/SS] || ✅by Dipika
Oneshot, two shorts, mini stories featuring Anirudh & Bondita. ©myhoeshateme ; do not steal, copy or use my work without giving credit.
Love find its way (Completed) by pearbhixvibes
Love find its way (Completed)by Shiddatbanaloon
Mahir marry bela because of his daughter meera.
Escapades Of Parenthood by AnshikaaDixit
Escapades Of Parenthoodby Anshika Dixit
Hey There!❤ This is story that chronicles the lives of Anirudh and Bondita, the fictional characters from the the show "Barrister Babu". This story is about t...
Bondita- Anirudh's Lost Heartbeat by ksaurav15
Bondita- Anirudh's Lost Heartbeatby A.Saurav
This is my second fanfiction... ( FROM MANORAMA TRACK..) And I am stating this ff from that second marriage of anirudh... And his two choice for bondita... Where she do...
Pyaar Na Jaane Duniya Ke Fasane (Season 2) by pravisht_fangirl
Pyaar Na Jaane Duniya Ke Fasane ( pravisht_fangirl
An Anidita Based Story second season of my first Story but in a different way not the continuation of the First season ....
ANIDITA - Just Them.....  by ksaurav15
ANIDITA - Just Them..... by A.Saurav
OS AND TS series.... #1 Anirudh... 18/08/22 #8 bondita.... 9/08/22 #4 ts... 13/08/22 #9 aurrabhatnagarbadoni... 05/08/22 #6 os.... 6/08/22 #1 anirudhbondita... 20/08/22 ...
A Different Cinderella by msparacha
A Different Cinderellaby 💫✨فاطمہ
The Journey of five individuals as they develop relations and bond together.
Jag andhera tu sitara mera (Complete ✅) by Sinthia_BD
Jag andhera tu sitara mera ( Sinthia Tasnim
This ff was created on Colorstv's most popular show barristerbabu. Its totally based on my imagination. I am starting my story from Manorama and Anirudh's marriage tra...
What if... An Anidita Scrap Tales by AmmyLustre
What if... An Anidita Scrap Talesby Ammy
WHAT IF "this" happened in the show? So "this" will consist of some of my imaginary sequences that I somewhere wished to happen in Barrister babu, w...
Aparajita by Jahanavi002
Aparajitaby Jahanavi002
Witness the journey of Anirudh as a sorry a Mother, Anirudh as a mother. A Mother is said to be the soul of the house but what will happens if she goes on...
Mafia's Obsession 🖤🥀(Hold) by taelima_001
Mafia's Obsession 🖤🥀(Hold)by Manisha
Hello cuties💫 you can see short ff of Anidita but it's not barrister Babu it's on own my imagination ❤️ Here anirudh is a dangerous mafia and Bondita slowly becom...
Anidita Belongs to eachother (complete☑️) by Sinthia_BD
Anidita Belongs to eachother ( Sinthia Tasnim
This Story is created on famous show #Barristerbabu of colourstv. This is totally based on my imagination its different from show. Barrister Anirudh Roy Chowdhury and D...
Tark- His Penned Chronicles by Jahanavi002
Tark- His Penned Chroniclesby Jahanavi002
When 10 year old Lolita finds a diary amidst the hatred of World War 2, she gets acquainted with three Characters Anirudh and Bondita and the person who has written the...
Anidita: Responsibility Or Love? by afreenthakur
Anidita: Responsibility Or Love?by Afreen Thakur
The story depicts late 19th century era of British India. It revolves around Barrister Anirudh Roy Chaudhary who marries a 11 year old girl Bondita in order to save her...
ANIDITA : A Life For Revolution by ms__romantic
ANIDITA : A Life For Revolutionby M S Romantic
Anirudh never thought that night would change his life so drastically. He didn't believe the girl he rescued that night, the girl he married that night would turn out to...
Anirudh- The Story Of A Misread Barrister by ManasaveenaP
Anirudh- The Story Of A Misread Manasaveena.P
The story is based on the most popular show of Indian television called "Barrister Babu". When Anirudh Roy Chowdhary, a twenty-one year old barrister, who is...
Tejran-a promise by Sreyagikoyee
Tejran-a promiseby Sreyagikoyee
this story is about two cuties-tejasswi Prakash and karan kundrra ,it will a mix tale of real and little bit fiction. I ship them and love them so much.