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The Walking Dead | BP X BTS FF by hiyaabxtch
The Walking Dead | BP X BTS FFby hiyaabxtch
Who knew life would change in just seconds. They were just normal people living their normal lives yesterday, but now they're fighting and killing zombies to survive, da...
Aliens in the Attic by DipmyCATinranch
Aliens in the Atticby ranch
Aliens in the Attic Emma is best friends with Jake and his family. She had never been that close with Tom though. She has no idea of what he looks like now. But when she...
my babysitters a vampire x reader by ashlsourpurestform
my babysitters a vampire x readerby ashlsourpurestform
i don't have a good description but the storyline is the same as the show and everyone still has their same powers it'a just gonna be aged up, and you're added into it o...
Poppy Playtime x Male Reader Oneshots by DemonCypher78
Poppy Playtime x Male Reader Simpher >:)
Ayo! here we go another fandom to make some Oneshots with also Warning for lemons yo
Killer Couple //Chris Brown Fanfiction// by Big_Breezy
Killer Couple //Chris Brown §^Konfuzed^§
Chris goes by the name X he is known for killing over 215 women in 2 years because he can't find his so called soul-mate, all of the women didn't have the right answers...
Zombie-Zeaa by diane__envy
Zombie-Zeaaby diane__envy
Zeaa been bully for years and her mother crazy her bullys soon kill her but that wasn't the end for zeaa she came back to life and she came back for revenge on her bully...
Main OC Folder by Zoiicel
Main OC Folderby The Living Dead
My main OC inventory! This folder contains character profiles, storylines, timelines, comics, and much more! Check it out if you want! You are allowed to leave questions...
The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing~ by LegionCypher85
The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing~by Cypher Supreme
( Piggy Yandere Fanfiction ) ( Yandere! Willow x LegionCypher85 ) Cypher is just an ordinary mutant/hybrid male. But suddenly his life was change when he meets this cert...
The Light Switch by RoseBlack2828
The Light Switchby RoseBlack2828
Someone moving into their new home stumble across a hidden light switch that causes a whole mess of trouble! Will they survive its dangerous power? Read to find out?
[ CRYSTAL ] by zemoGnodnarB
[ CRYSTAL ]by Brandon Gomez
Escapism takes many forms - follow Sam through his meth-fueled journey towards post-apocalyptic enlightenment.
A Holiday To Forget by Cretinous_Mole
A Holiday To Forgetby Esme
A standard summer trip to sunny Somerset, England, goes wildly astray in this horror/comedy about a hapless family on holiday. Follow the Smiths as they try their best...
Boiler Problems by Zeromorph
Boiler Problemsby Zeromorph
Snow is falling in the rural town of Rulshire. Except it might be ash, and it might have something to do with the accidental summoning of an ancient omnipotent evil. Oh...
Mga Kwentong Kakila-kilabot Sa Ilalim Ng Liwanag Ng Kandila by Milly8338
Mga Kwentong Kakila-kilabot Sa Milly
Nastranded si Raine Deguzman sa kanilang school kasama ang kaniyang apat na kaklase at guro, dahil sa biglaang paglakas ng bagyo. Bilang pampalipas ng oras, naisipan nil...
Consoomer by Henry_Dayspring
Consoomerby Henry_Dayspring
A preview of my current book I'm working on "Cancellation Squadron and other stories from the World of 2084" (Working Title)
The Goynooks by HalleCapone
The Goynooksby Halle Capone
The Goynooks Kachina, a young Indigenous Native clown, must save the desert valley of California from ancient monsters locked away by her Ancestors. Copyright 2016 by...
Pissed Off by RoseBlack2828
Pissed Offby RoseBlack2828
A man on a hiking trip comes across a mysterious portal, What happens when he uses it to answer nature's call? Read to find out.
Jigsawkills by ThatJigsawThing
Jigsawkillsby Lily Howard
The jigsaw killers make a group chat, By the way there is gore and swearing!
Prank Monster by RoseBlack2828
Prank Monsterby RoseBlack2828
Four cave explorers unleash an entity that wants to give them nothing but torment! Will they escape it or be its next victims? Read to find out.
Wait Until After Halloween by RoseBlack2828
Wait Until After Halloweenby RoseBlack2828
A Christmas lover incurs the wrath of a monster who loves Halloween! What will happen to them? Read to find out.
😍 by marylariari
😍by marylariari
i hope you dont get the cherry on top