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To Protect You  by ShinShiho003
To Protect You by Gio003
Shinichi doesn't follow Gin and Vodka that night at Tropical Land, unconsciously avoiding shrinking into the body of a seven-year-old kid. The same can't be said for Shi...
I'll Be Waiting For You by AiHaibara28
I'll Be Waiting For Youby CoAi128
Love change their life. Different personality, can they manage to wait for each other? I do not own the pictures I used. Credits to the owner.
The life I've always wanted  by ShinShiho003
The life I've always wanted by Gio003
A journey through the daily life of Conan and Ai as married couple. Disclaimer: DC and its characters belong to Gosho Aoyama.
Happy Breakup by Anokata-san
Happy Breakupby Elkan Salumintao
With The Great Detective of the East broke up with his childhood crush. There are unanswered questions concerning the breakup. He explores to unrevealed those. Unexpecte...
(Shinshi) Born to be yours by SSfan2019
(Shinshi) Born to be yoursby SSfan
Anh-Kudo Shinichi là con trai chủ tịch tập đoàn vũ khí đa quốc gia K.S. lớn nhất thế giới. Cô-Miyano Shiho là con gái chủ tịch tập đoàn công nghệ S.M. lớn nhất thế gi...
( Shinshi ) Hôn nhân bí mật by BchNgc466412
( Shinshi ) Hôn nhân bí mậtby Nguyễn Ngọc Bích
Mẹ Shinichi yêu cầu cậu kết hôn khi còn trẻ, cậu quyết định kết hôn với Shiho mặc dù họ không biết tình cảm của nhau. Nhưng cuộc hôn nhân này nên được giữ bí mật. Họ có...
(Co-Ai/Shin-Shi) Fanfiction by Keikasa
(Co-Ai/Shin-Shi) Fanfictionby Keikasa
- English is not my mother language, so please considerate with so many grammar or others mistake ^^ - I don't own the picture. If you know who the artist please let me...
I'll never let you go, again by coai1412
I'll never let you go, againby 🥶
Shiho comes back to Japan after her disappearance five years ago. How will her old partner cope with his feelings? (indirect confession; ONESHOT)
Fate by coai1412
Fateby 🥶
Shiho is in the USA, thinking about Shinichi and missing him greatly. [ONE SHOT]
The Last Case(Conan X AI) ENGLISH VER by xhugama
The Last Case(Conan X AI) Shugama
A Detective Conan fanfic tells of the final battle with the BO organizations, Snake and Smile Warning!! Main Shipping ( Conan X AI),(Akako X Kaito),(OC X OC) Genre: Acti...
Have we met before? by ShinShiho003
Have we met before?by Gio003
One-shot - AU/Song fic 
Have we met before?
Maybe in another life I knew you
Maybe if I try I'll see right through you
And I'll remember who we were 
Have we met before...
One shots CoAi | DC by Melani_Lowell
One shots CoAi | DCby Antares Lowell
Aclaración: Estos van hacer one shots variados basados en la trama de la historia de DC, y también fuera de ella. Son momentos tristes, alegres, melancólicos, agridulces...
Life After War ( CoAi) by xhugama
Life After War ( CoAi)by Shugama
Ai Haibara and Edogawa Conan are two young lovers who are trapped in the bodies of children due to the APTX 4869 poison. Despite the challenges of their situation, they...
Holmes' Apprentice by chainsmokersfan1234
Holmes' Apprenticeby -Elizabeth-
The adventures of a teenage detective starts again.. Conan and his friends are back from the past... This story is about Conan and his friends and how they are 19 years...
Detective Conan - RUM by Hikaru-Diamond
Detective Conan - RUMby Hikaru Diamond
An all or nothing confrontation between Conan and Rum! More than one truth shall come forth this fateful night.
Destiny Mates by MariaDotto_
Destiny Matesby Silver Bullet
Una piccola short story sul mio anime preferito, Detective Conan. La storia racconta i pensieri di Conan riguardo l'episodio 249(numerazione italiana), "Il dirottam...
L'ultimo caso by tunonsai
L'ultimo casoby Tunonsai
Quel pazzo,strano posto del Giappone...chissà quando potrai mettere la parola fine a questa storia,chissà per quanto ancora ti dovrò vedere soffrire sorellina mia. Cit.A...
Conan dan Ai by Ruchyanto
Conan dan Aiby ruch
Edogawa Conan dan Haibara Ai adalah teman masa kecil, hingga mereka beranjak remaja mereka masih berteman. Kisah ini meliputi diri mereka, semua tentang pencarian jati d...
CoAi by Aashu2018
CoAiby Aashu2018
This is a conanxai fanfic. Y'all will know what I'm talking about if anyone of you still or as ever watched detective conan anime (and shipped these two).