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Deviant By Design (ConnorxReader) by chillsushi
Deviant By Design (ConnorxReader)by Amy
Connor x Android Reader. Read to find out :D RANKINGS #2 ConnorDBH #3 Detroit Become Human (Cover art by yours truly) Warnings: Cursing +violence
Lost Loving Souls (Connor x Reader) by spiritwing13
Lost Loving Souls (Connor x Reader)by Spiritwing13
Sometimes things happen and there's nothing you can do about it. You feel powerless. You feel alone. You feel lost. But sometimes...all you need is that one person to fi...
Connor oneshots & imagines (dbh) by theyoungoneandonly
Connor oneshots & imagines (dbh)by theyoungoneandonly
Dbh Connor oneshots! Male, female, and unisex terms:)
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You are Alive, Connor! - DBH Connor x Gender Neutral Reader - Story Driven by thebestauthorever1
You are Alive, Connor! - DBH
Story-driven insert of the reader into Connor's storyline. Chapters are long, that's why there are not many. Slow burn romance - no smut. Quick Background - Hank is your...
Emotion Filled Eyes (Connor x Reader) by -Froggy_Chi-
Emotion Filled Eyes (Connor x ✨MJ✨
)this is a story that depends on YOUR decisions collectively( (Y/n). A beautiful girl for a country many hours of flight away. She comes with her exotic views on thing...
Bodyguard → RK900 x Reader by SeraSki
Bodyguard → RK900 x Readerby ♔♕♖ ʎʇɹɐıɹoɯ ♗♘♙
You are the spoiled, rich daughter of the infamous Elijah Kamski. Because of his enormous wealth and success, he worries for your safety─ which is why he assigns the imp...
More Than A Machine || Connor x Reader D:BH by OhLookAMeme
More Than A Machine || Connor x OhLookAMeme
"You really are more than a machine." "And I have you to thank for it." Her, a human, full of emotion. Him, a machine, designed to accomplish a task...
Timeless Memories by ConnorsHardPebis
Timeless Memoriesby ConnorsHardPebis
You're a detective in Detroit, working for Mr Fowler. You live a pretty boring life, getting assigned jobs that nobody else wants to do. Eventually, you get accidentally...
Love is not compatible || Connor x Reader (DBH) by MysticAllen
Love is not compatible || Connor MysticAllen
Y/N was born in a world without androids. When she was ten, Chloe, the first android was created. Is this why she is sympathetic to the android cause now? How will she h...
rk100 || Conkus oneshots and short stories by tiredmornings
rk100 || Conkus oneshots and tiredmornings
A bunch of Markus x Connor because this ship is under appreciated. I don't expect this to get a lot of recognition, but I'm still gonna try
Saving the Broken (Connor x Deviant!Reader) by spiritwing13
Saving the Broken (Connor x Spiritwing13
"I'm broken." "Then you can be fixed." "You can't fix something this broken." "I can try."
DBH Crap by __ukiyo
DBH Crapby { unknown }
Robotic Romance - Connor x Female reader by overthemoonasourlove
Robotic Romance - Connor x .
CONNOR X READER FANFIC @connorscoin.vs on tiktok
Rk1700 (smut) One Shots by YurinaAkihiko
Rk1700 (smut) One Shotsby YurinaAkihiko
As the title says; Nines x Connor smut. May continue or it stays as a one shot. No plot just sex. Read at your own risk, it contains horrible writing. Read the second...
Detroit Become Human Preferences by beaumonster12
Detroit Become Human Preferencesby Angela
This many preferences from DBH with the characters of Connor,Markus,Kara,North,Simon,Kamski, Chloe,Luther,Ralph, and Gavin. . Chose your personal favorite character of c...
My Blood is Blue by shh_a_rat
My Blood is Blueby shh_a_rat
This is a practically shameless oc insert ship fanfiction that is by most means, well.. shameless. Cassandra, a VK700 model police android, has been sent to work with D...
dbh: imagine by 101madness
dbh: imagineby Sspxced_
one shots. series. drabbles. you name it. requests are always open. (i know the cover is simon and markus but i dont write that ship lmao)
A Little Blue Light(Getting Over Philophobia: A Study) by v0xxel
A Little Blue Light(Getting Over Ross
You work as a detective alongside your partner, Gavin Reed. One night, you both get called in to investigate a routine homicide case. While there, you meet a curious and...
2039 by shirby8
2039by shelby
One year has taken place since 2038, and Connor and Hank are still in action. What will happen to them? Warning: language, violence, and drunk behavior are in this story...
All Glitched Out // detroit: become human by angelfruitspider
All Glitched Out // detroit: angelfruitspider
//when you find a sparking android bleeding out in an alleyway, what can you do?// A glitchy android is the last thing you'd expect to see at the back of your house. May...