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Mr. No Name by Killer_Kiara
Mr. No Nameby Kiara Savannah Warrington
Mr. No Name is a thirteen year old kid. He is bullied alot by the others in school and he is a nameless child. Mr. No Name is mute, but he is still very good with words...
cool peeps the book by ItzGumisEcho
cool peeps the bookby Karlat
making a book of random things i come up with so i don't bother my friends with my shitty random ideas
Guess The Song  by jlee2005
Guess The Song by jamielee clements
I used to be so happy but without u here i feel so low I watched u as u leaved but i can never seem to let u go cause oonce upon a time u were my everyhing its clear to...
Signs of the Storm by Derpusheena
Signs of the Stormby Aubrey
Four soldiers in Ulfric Stormcloak's army must learn to work together, because without them, the army will surely fall. I'll let the story tell the rest.