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BL | Every Time The Character Is Set To Be The Villain [Quick Wear] by CN_MTL
BL | Every Time The Character Is .
⚠MACHINE TRANSLATION Title Every Time The Character Is Set To Be The Villain [Quick Wear]/每次人设都是反派[快穿] Author Mu Bai/牧白 Status 154 Chapters (Completed) http://www.jjwxc...
Quick Transmigration: Heroine is not really sweet. by xxKIIRAAxx
Quick Transmigration: Heroine is xxKIIRAAxx
The new host looked soft, sweet, and easy to bully. The system was heartbroken and prays to the sky: It's over! However, at the speed of light, it was face slapped. Hu...
Fancy Text Generator Online Tool by fancytextgenerator
Fancy Text Generator Online Toolby text generator
you can generate various types of fancy texts with unlimited access. You can generate and then you can share fancy text fonts on social media platforms like, facebook, i...
Who needs arms with legs like this? || Fanfiction o nogach Wiktorii || one-shot by AmiRz1
Who needs arms with legs like Shiro~♡
Kto potrzebuje rąk z takimi nogami? Wika ma długie i cudowne nogi. Pewnego dnia spotyka bad boya i zakochuje się w nim... jednak on woli kobiety z krótkimi nogami. Do c...
Become the Legend by shuizhuyu
Become the Legendby yum yum
In a world of ambition and opportunity... Of spectacles and fantasy.. Of success and tragedy... Three will shine through the filth. Together, they will tak...
I Persuade People With Reason by 0WingedNeko0
I Persuade People With Reasonby 0WingedNeko0
Yuan Buwei was bound by a villain whitewashing system, System 999 carefully taught the host: ① Behave yourself and be a good person. ② Salted fish for the win, by kneeli...
Flirt [Interstellar]   by LazyWriter007
Flirt [Interstellar] by Lazy Writer
Author Nuo Nuo Story by MTLNovel Translation @BLCrush Proofread @CrapLazyWriter Lin Yi lived to thirty-five years old in his previous life. He became famous when he was...
After I Died, I Was So Popular Again by Xianxing_xu
After I Died, I Was So Popular Xixien
Synopsis Tang Dynasty painter Fu Yi died and found himself reincarnated in the modern world in the body of a young master named Qi Linqing whose economic resources had b...