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Anti Corruption: The world versus them by bagged_milk999
Anti Corruption: The world bagged_milk999
(Cover is temperary! Art done by x_sharp_nightmare_x on insta!) When the whole world has been destroyed by the corruption, it's up to 3 unlikely heroes to stop Bf and fi...
A wish for fun (A Spooky Month Corruption of Fun Story) by destinye70007
A wish for fun (A Spooky Month Vector
Pump and Skid have been corrupted by Evil too many times and it was driving them nuts. Later one spooky night, Pump decided that he made a wish of his own. A wish for th...
C҉o҉r҉r҉u҉p҉t҉i҉o҉n҉ | 𝔽ℕ𝔽 𝕓𝕠𝕠𝕜 | 1 by R0s3y_P0k3P4st4
C҉o҉r҉r҉u҉p҉t҉i҉o҉n҉ | 𝔽ℕ𝔽 𝕓𝕠� T o t f u u
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ (Sel is narrating) Me & my little sister were running what felt like forever. I was in a singing battle against Keith when he became that demon. So did his gir...
Skid & Pump - The Corruption.. by Candii_Cxt
Skid & Pump - The ╰┈➤: ̗̀➛ Bean/Candii ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-
this is a fan-made story! thanks for the corruption mod for helping me figure this idea. i am very happy people are going to read this. i spent my whole science class on...
Corrupted Pump's Plaything by destinye70007
Corrupted Pump's Playthingby Vector
Corrupted Pump is like the cutiest pumpkin. He's cute, adorable and nice. Join him and Corrupted Skid as they do some Spooky things like Spooky fun, Spooky rapping and m...
Spooky Night Funkin - Glitchy Corruption by destinye70007
Spooky Night Funkin - Glitchy Vector
An outbreak has been spreading this Glitchy corruption throughout Spooky Night Funkin, causing to turn every single monster into mindless glitchy versions of themselves...
Unplanned events (CANCELLED) by VillainNesh
Unplanned events (CANCELLED)by Nesh
26/12/21. I wished this book could of lasted longer but Amor just had to be cancelled, for a good reason too. Amor thought it'd be a good idea to see how the gang would...
Spooky Night Funkin - Pump's Spooky Rap Battle Adventure by destinye70007
Spooky Night Funkin - Pump's Vector
It's a Spooky Month! You were a cute pumpkin named Pump. You love to celebrate the Spooky Month and have a good time, but everyone keeps telling you it's only June! Ther...
-·" Corruption "·- Skid And Pump. - Friday Night Funkin' ( Comic. ) by Mel_The_Alien_
-·" Corruption "·- Skid And 𝓟𝓸𝓽𝓪𝓽𝓾_𝓓𝓻𝓪𝔀𝓼_
Yes. I humanized Skid and Pump, made them anime girls, and started to make a comic about it. // Sí. Humanizé a Skid y a Pump, los hice monas chinas, y comencé a hacer u...
Spudow and the Glitchy Corruption by destinye70007
Spudow and the Glitchy Corruptionby Vector
Spudow and his best friend, Immorticia were having fun with Spooky Month until the Glitchy Corruption begin to corrupt Spudow, making him turn into a monster. It was mak...
Bounty Night Brawlin' {CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT!} by Genetic_Funk
Bounty Night Brawlin' {CURRENTLY 🎤~Beep~🎵
Hey y'all!! Sorry I've been gone for so long, this book is essentially just me rambling about my ideas for a Friday Night Funkin' mod I created called Bounty Night Brawl...
Forgotten Lives /\ A FNF Corruption Mod Fanfic and Au by XxNullStudiosxX
Forgotten Lives /\ A FNF XxNull StudiosxX
A story where Skid attempts to save the others from the Lemon Demon's corruption. Started: March 23rd 2021 End: Finished writing on 7/1/2021, but posted on 7/11/2021 ...
Turning Over a New Leaf - A New Corruption has Begun by destinye70007
Turning Over a New Leaf - A New Vector
When the war with the Plants and Zombies fighting each other, things doesn't feel right. There was no peace, no friendship, no nothing. The Smash feel like something was...