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Random Stuff And My Cosmology Explain by GlitchPlayer123
Random Stuff And My Cosmology Ayuna
Bored and gonna do one random fight and interaction or explaining about my cosmology.
Why I Am No Longer Christian by Katherina_Michels
Why I Am No Longer Christianby Katherina Michels
{Book 3 in the Journey of Faith series} I never thought I would leave Christianity, and yet, here I am. These are my reasons why. Join the author of "Christian and...
Time Off by authorburton
Time Offby Scott Burton
Humanity has latched on to mathematical equations that appear to describe many of the workings in our universe - the so called "fundamental laws". Now a voice...
Cosmology of Chaotic World of Pangea: by TioAlter
Cosmology of Chaotic World of TioAlter
I will present the cosmology of verse Chaotic World of Pangea
Powerscalling : Cosmology of the Raonverse  by SonRaon
Powerscalling : Cosmology of the Son Raon
This book, although not considered a complete novel it'll have some tips and info about the powerscalling system of the Raonverse (a.k.a my stories) that will help you o...
The OverReality by TakeTheBigL
The OverRealityby TakeTheBigL
Expleins My Verse That contains other Verses
The Destroyer by authorburton
The Destroyerby Scott Burton
NOW COMPLETE! This book is a continuation of my previous book called Time Off. Centuries after Earth has ceased to support human biology, the human species lives on. Lol...
ultimate myth: omni sans by storytellerdk
ultimate myth: omni sansby Joro Killer X
A certain man desired love and decided to summon a being who can grant wishes but after being told it was impossible the man despair so he decided to just conquer the mu...
Who's Who on the Planet Earth, Volume One by gnosticity
Who's Who on the Planet Earth, smol dork
[Note: This story is a work of fiction] "Who's Who" have outdone themselves again, this time trying to maintain an accurate database of everyone alive. They w...
Gladio Fortior(Poetry Collection) by MadhurimaDatar
Gladio Fortior(Poetry Collection)by Madhurima Datar
The collection of poetries. 1st poem is a cosmological philosophy. The second one is about peace and conflict. Disclaimer!: These are expressions of thoughts at the tim...
EQUILIBRIUM: End Times (short stories collection 2) by NickMakrygiannis
EQUILIBRIUM: End Times (short Nick Makrygiannis
"...For all Humanity could tell, the cogwheels of Creation itself could have ceased turning, behind the Veil, and the Creation could be propelled ahead by momentum...
Has Multiverse Killed God? (The Christian Response To Multiverse) by RajRichard
Has Multiverse Killed God? (The Rajkumar Richard
Multiverse posits the presence of infinite number of multiple universes with different physical laws from ours. If multiverse exists, then atheists claim that God does n...
Star Bright by -imagineer-
Star Brightby Awesome Austin
BOOK ONE: Stranger Danger Not all things bright are beautiful... ★★★ Dani Chamberman, a sixteen year old, has always had a crush on her best friend'...
Buddhism#now: Big Questions. Inner Peace. LOL. by nigelmellor123
Buddhism#now: Big Questions. Nigel Mellor
Monkfish and DVD are friends. Well, sort of. DVD likes meat pies. And a pint. And girls. But he's often miserable. Quite reasonably, he needs to know why he's not happy...
Driving Forces by nilosaccaro
Driving Forcesby Nilo Saccaro
Forget the green humanoids. This is a scientifically realistic tale about the first contact between humans and extraterrestrials. Two totally different biologies that em...
Information: Dark Matter Volume 1 by RandallHiebert
Information: Dark Matter Volume 1by Bruce Hiebert
Offworlder shows up on Earth with an alien embedded in his brain and seeks help finding information on getting it out. The alien has other ideas. Ari is commissioned to...
The Jackverse/The Truest Beyond  by CommanderJackSosuke
The Jackverse/The Truest Beyond by J@☾ḱ ฿ε¥ꪮη∂εR ʂơʂųƙɛ
This kind of story will be explaining my vast set of "Beings", BUT...the story will also just simply be talkin simply about; a Supreme unknown war, and what t...
El nuevo mundo by zaholun
El nuevo mundoby Zaho luna
Esta es un historia sobre la humanidad en un futuro aproximado en 30 años basada en una comunidad que se auto-sustenta y cambia las reglas cotidianas de hoy mas paz y en...