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Dauntless's Assassin  by khuskyk
Dauntless's Assassin by 🍄Mushroom🍄
Eric knew a girl in his year of initiation but he doesn't remember seeing her after they got through it. He also changed and became a lot more hard working only paying a...
✔The Broken Amity [Eric Coulter Fanfic] (COMPLETE) by dreamyxstars
✔The Broken Amity [Eric Coulter 🤍kylie🤍
COMPLETED (EDIT: In the process of being rewritten! Some of the writing might have you cringing! New chapters will be uploaded once they're all edited and written!) Meet...
Cold Heart by AllisonAlliSalvatore
Cold Heartby AllisonAlliSalvatore
Lou comes from an Erudite family. She never quite fit in there. She was smart but not as much as the rest of them. Her parents always loved her older sister more than he...
King of Dauntless by dancingcece
King of Dauntlessby dancingcece
Amity a calm and friendly faction. dauntless the brave worriers. what happens when an amity girl was never fit for her faction. In her new life she will make the most of...
Free and Captured ~Eric love story by Hardcore_Divergent
Free and Captured ~Eric love storyby Baby girl
What if Tobias wasn't Marcus' only child? What if when Tobias moved to dauntless he reluctantly left behind his sister. Well her name is Meredith Eaton. She is a sarcast...
An Initiates Baby by d3athbeds
An Initiates Babyby ♡
*some sh*t don't add up because i started to edit, then stopped, then couldn't be bothered to continue and left it with missing paragraphs and plot-holes.* After a one-n...
Divergent by MrsUrie-Stumph
Divergentby MrsUrie-Stumph
Nilsa Coulter is married to the Dauntless Devil himself and living the life they had dreamed of while in Erudite. Choices will be made and the Coulters will make them to...
Four's sister by hawkeyehybrid
Four's sisterby hawkeyehybrid
My name was Luna Eaton. The younger sister of the infamous Four. I was a week and shy girl, scared of my own shadow. That girl died the day my farther beat her to death...
Forget me please (Eric and Peter Divergent Fanfic)(ON HOLD)  by MemesAreGoodGood
Forget me please (Eric and Peter Addict
Louise Eaton was abused, mistreated, betrayed. Eric Coulter was arrogant, cold, tough. A love against all odds or a toxic romance read more to find out
My Divergent (Eric Coulter x reader)  by movie_freak_lover
My Divergent (Eric Coulter x Annika
Your and Eric's love story. Don't take credit. I own nothing except the story line
Divergent Preferences/Imagines:❤️🖤 by 12DaYsOfFaNdOmS
Divergent Preferences/Imagines:❤️🖤by ❤️gReD&fOrGe💛
I'll be doin divergent preferences and some images! They will include Al, Will, Caleb, Peter, Uriah, Four/Tobias, and Eric I will take request and I can do a girl chara...
Eric Coulter Imagines by sunny-reys
Eric Coulter Imaginesby sunny-reys
A collection of imagines about Eric Coulter from the Divergent movies/book series. Feel free to leave a request!
My hero (Eric x reader) (Sequel to My Divergent) by movie_freak_lover
My hero (Eric x reader) (Sequel Annika
Sequel to My Divergent.
Amity Girl by cullen8738
Amity Girlby cullen8738
Evelyn Dawson, the perfect Amity girl, a part of her always knew she never really was Amity despite the facade of her always being happy and smiling. Everyone adored her...
Fire Heart (Eric Coulter Divergent) by DAECA4
Fire Heart (Eric Coulter Divergent)by DAECA4
Lillian Grey, is Amity born. She transfers to Dauntless. All she want's to do is get through initiation. But there is one thing stopping her. Eric Coulter. Eric keeps di...
Serendipity | Eric Coulter x Reader by wxntersouljapods
Serendipity | Eric Coulter x Readerby Winter
(Y/N), an unconfident, closed-off girl who had a side of kindness. The most unlikely person to choose Dauntless. All (Y/N) wants to do is pass initiation with her friend...
Hometown Boy by scarlettMcLeod
Hometown Boyby Scarlett McLeod
Coming home was difficult for every soldier. The change back into civilian life wouldn't necessarily be easy for anyone. But for Coulter Benjamin Davis, it's about to b...
RECKLESS → ERIC COULTER by thegayestforyou
"Eric Coulter was everything Zora Allard would avoid, yet he intrigued her like no one else was capable of." extended summary inside chapters eric coulter x o...