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Heavy is the Cost: Russia X Reader by stressedBees
Heavy is the Cost: Russia X Readerby Bea
do I have to write a summary? it's a Russia X Reader. read the book please?
50 kids and A Oil addict Dad! by SoniisSoni
50 kids and A Oil addict Dad!by SoniisSoni
Then, the doors of the meeting room burst open to reveal two (my) kids standing there, unsure looks on their faces. I sigh America has kept his states hidden since he...
Countryhumans Oneshots (Not Updating) by IcaneC
Countryhumans Oneshots (Not The Creator
I recently got into countryhumans, and I decided to write with them! Am taking requests, anything from sweet and innocent Philippines to vicious, bloodthirsty Nazi Germa...
Nirvana's Phantasm [ Yandere! Countryhumans x Reader ] by Teayeiel_
Nirvana's Phantasm [ Yandere! Teayeiel
Parents went missing, presumed dead. Now, Y/N lives with their grandmother. To cope with the loss of their parents and many once 'friends', Y/N has created their own ima...
America's Guide to Getting Into Trouble by 2TomatoTomato
America's Guide to Getting Into ShiftyChange
"Trust me I've seen some things, being 250ish years old and all, but maybe -just maybe- I'm in too deep..." In this book, America directly addresses the audien...
Fifty Spies by Jewelsmaddie
Fifty Spiesby Jewelsmaddie
America, oh, America. Showing up late at a meeting again and forgetting his project. Before UN could scold America, someone bursts through the door. "Hey pa..."...
Happy Mask//RusAme by Countrytale
Happy Mask//RusAmeby hehe
America was always a crowd-pleaser with his big smile and giggly personality. But when a accident happens, he is left with a physical disability, and he goes into anxiet...
Secrets {A Rusame story} by Commie_Child
Secrets {A Rusame story}by Commie_Child
Russia and America have hated each other for longer than anyone could imagine. It was simply their parents fought so they fought. America was popular and 'loved' everywh...
54 Secrets And Counting by angy_boop_noodle
54 Secrets And Countingby [author]
so, America is a single father of 50 states and 4 territories. everyone knows he's hardworking and friendly. Wait, sorry I forgot almost nobody knows about his states or...
A Million Men by d0Amelia0b
A Million Menby Amelialacomemedia
¿Por qué tuviste que venderme a esos hombres mayores? Ptohibidas copias Los personajes no me pertenecen
-In love?- R.e x G.e by snakesayhss
-In love?- R.e x G.eby :D
Russian empire was a two faced man, more bad than good. People feared him, everyone thought he was heartless and couldn't love. It all changes when he falls in love wit...
Ideal Home II Countryhumans AU [USSR x UK] by thequotablequincy
Ideal Home II Countryhumans AU [ ミ★
[Loosely based on the movie of the same name] Britain and USSR have been married for almost 10 years now. It's a surprise that the two get along, and it's their blossomi...
Chained Together (Rusame) by KenopsiaDraws
Chained Together (Rusame)by KenopsiaDraws
Due to Russia and America's mutual hatred and clashing personalities, contentions are high. However, an unfortunate event causes them to become handcuffed together. How...
The south and the north  by ThebOssgril1231
The south and the north by
This a fan made story! Nothing in this story is supposed to offend anyone! This is my personal opinion! So please be respectful. Anyways enjoy the story 💜 (Also the art...
( My Countryhumans Headcanons w/ random stuff ) by GL4SS_CUB3
( My Countryhumans Headcanons w/ GL4SS
The first book, this is what I'm doing Also, head's up warnings before you read the book: 1. Mentions of IRL events like WW2 ( barely ) 2. Countries you may...
Secret or Secrets by AeroFrfr
Secret or Secretsby Ilikethings
Yes, in this the US states are personified, like what, have you not seen this type of countryhumans fanfiction before, anyways, they are America's children, I will try t...
Countryhumans x reader scenarios by FANDOMTRASH04
Countryhumans x reader scenariosby Suh Dude
Includes platonic, family like one shots and x reader scenarios with you and the countries of the world. Readers will be female (sorry if your not) because it's the easi...
Citrus Boy || A RusAme Story by BugsMug
Citrus Boy || A RusAme Storyby CrushedNoodlez
America is struggling with life, he's a senoir, his father is abusive. He just can't take it. Russia laughs at America when he is with his sisters but he just wants to t...