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Beyond The Stage by Siasheart
Beyond The Stageby Kylie
"How did you burn water?" Jin looks ready to fight when he sees the melted pot and a black sticky substance on the bottom of it. "Who turned off the sun...
Skz texts by Minhyo_Phoenix
Skz textsby Min Lia
Just some Skz texts aka crackhead content and they may be a little or a big out of character🤣😅 But do enjoy~ ^-^
It All Started when I was FLUSHED down the TOILET by bomibaebi21
It All Started when I was 자기야
"Hey! I may not be that smart, athletic or attractive or talented or good at cooking, I burn water man.....wait....where am I going with this?" Chloe Anderson...
Medical license [NAMJIN] ✔✅ by azkasafdar18
Medical license [NAMJIN] ✔✅by smol dumpling🥟 boi
", that's how i lost my medical license." ~~~~•☆•~~~~•☆•~~~~ " thankyou for inviting me. Mr. Kim." A KIM SEOKJIN ff. ...
Meeting You|| Blackpink ff Jenlisa [ON HOLD] by ArmyAmii
Meeting You|| Blackpink ff ʝıɱʝąɱʂ
Kpop rapper Lisa meets two homeless kids, Rose and jisoo outside a cafe window, which leads up to meeting someone soon to become really special to her.
Bts meme book! by MULT1-C0R3
Bts meme book!by ❣︎Minnie❣︎
I randomly made this cuz I was bored asf so anyways enjoy~!
idk tbh um hi hello  by -mysticaljoon
idk tbh um hi hello by 𝒔𝒉𝒂𝒚🌙
this is pure crack ajahsj umm it's basically shitty and dumb things I say and do. oh yeah fyi I'm a hard stan so yeah um, 21+ hhehuehuehehehduheue
Growing Together by foreignswaggers93
Growing Togetherby blanktata
BTS and Kim Seo-yeon are both from Big Hit Entertainment and have been together their entire lives. See how this hilarious mess of a crackhead duo live together in this...
(this story is a joke my friend and i wanted to make a crack ¡au! bts ff.) ~~~~~ in which han emi had accidentally made herself known in her high school as the 'man-girl...
Lil stories I wrote in fifth grade :p by cliches_are_cute
Lil stories I wrote in fifth xX_lime_soda_Xx
Lol, roses are red I purple u Yoongi's good in bed And I'm a shoe
Incorrect Quotes from Me and My Crackhead Friends by green_lvr
Incorrect Quotes from Me and My Hi💚
I don't think I'm ok😂 Highest ranking: #14 in crackhead culture (as of September 22, 2020) (DISCONTINUED)
sarcasm & death threats  •draco x reader• by justanotherkaiju
sarcasm & death threats •draco daddy 👅💦💦
"i will fucking avada kedavra yo ass." "you mean THIS nice ass?" "don't fuckin test me you ferret lookin bitch." --- short chapter lowercas...
The Cave Mates by Al3khyAvvattpad
The Cave Matesby CherryBlossomAT
Victoria is a quiet teenager who doesn't talk to anyone except her brother. Her mother died wile giving birth to her. Her father never liked her as mother died while giv...
random things that randomly happen in my random life by yoonaera20
random things that randomly 暗夜
my first ever book, no one's forcing you to read it tho. but if you do, I recommend not to expect much since i'm only and still am a 12 y/o. [14 now] so here ya go rando...
Bathroom Encounterment||BTS NAMJOON x READER by etnmi_
Bathroom Encounterment||BTS Emmy
One day a girl name Go Jennie finds herself in the girls bathroom at 'Crack Nation High School' when suddenly, a tall intelligent man with an IQ of 148 had rushed into t...
Text by everling7777
Textby Swagless Fanfics
Where Soomi aka y/n accidentally gets added into the BTS group chat