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Glitched Soul by depressowithtea
Glitched Soulby DootDootDepression
The internet is a great ever expanding place where behind the screen you could be anyone. What if what we consider to be just code that's a living breathing beaning...Wo...
Short Stories and Flash Fiction by AFreeloveBarrass
Short Stories and Flash Fictionby Ashley Freelove Barrass
A collection of short stories and flash fiction for English 3607: Fiction Writing, Spring 2021.
How to Write Creative Fiction by AStoryWithoutWords
How to Write Creative Fictionby AStoryWithoutWords
For those who write or wish to write creative fiction, whether fanfiction or original works, short stories or novels, I am here to offer my own advice on how to write en...
Summerhill Asylum by 1MeganAnn
Summerhill Asylumby LivinDeadGhoul
Magnolia Quinn's world comes crashing down upon finding a long-lost postcard from the mother she never knew. What shocks her more than the appearance of the letter after...
Mediocre Short Stories by Bowloffruit67
Mediocre Short Storiesby Chicken Noodle Soup
Fiction stories I wrote for my creative writing class. There's only ten, plus one I picked to polish. Stay tuned for, 'Celeste in Distress'
Brief Moments - Stories from Huntington by Fateblood
Brief Moments - Stories from Fateblood
Huntington. Eine kleine Stadt, irgendwo in England. Auf keiner Karte zu finden. Dort leben Menschen mit sehr speziellen Fähigkeiten und Geschichten... Erzählt aus den Ka...
What I See by wiiilted
What I Seeby Emma
My heart made into words Blood and thoughts onto a page If Beauty is pain then What have I made?
serial killer one shots  by tendoushairdye
serial killer one shots by im screwing ur mom
for some reason i really felt the urge to write these down. maybe it'll help you guys with your english assignments, creative writing maybe? they're quite gory so apolog...
Fears and Phobias by thesimplaydee
Fears and Phobiasby thesimplaydee
this book offers a collection of flash fictions about the unusual phobias and fears people have.
Creature by AbnormalBeing
Creatureby AbnormalBeing
Three young boys are waiting for their parents return from a long sail on the sea. But upon the ships' return, they discover something that will change what they know ab...
The Truth About the Nights in a Psych Ward by xephis
The Truth About the Nights in a xephis
But despite all the time I spent regretting not having succeeded with killing myself, I have never felt alive so much as during those nights and sometimes it even hurt...
Apartment by 0choua0
Apartmentby Teresa
Where did it come from? and what did it want....
BETRAYED  by Akavelma123
BETRAYED by Alvibela
Jeffrey falls in love with a former dancer Seraphina and they've been together for three years. Seraphina gets pregnant again and this time she plans on keeping the chil...
Something by aint_david
Somethingby A D
It is a story about a kid who used to live with his dad. One day he get a work to write on something but he get confused. So his dad tell him to write what he wants to w...
Journal 1 by LanzHatface
Journal 1by Lanz Laurel
This Story is made to look like it's an actual journal. It will be updted almost everyday Leave a vote If you support me and my experimental writing style :') Note:this...
Glint by TheImossiblePlant
Glintby The Writing Plant
I found this on a blog a while ago, saved it to read offline later and then completely forgot about it. I would provide a link, but it seems to have gone missing or has...
'Hey Siri' by YukariSherry
'Hey Siri'by YukariSherry
What if androids were as emotionally complex as humans? Trust me, you would not want that. Why, you ask? Because Siri would annoy the hell out of you to the point of wan...
Poems from the depths of my mind by WHATHowhello
Poems from the depths of my mindby WHATHowhello
Just poetry, maybe nice maybe not. Maybe bad, maybe not. Stop the wondering and guessing, dwell into the depths of my mind and let's see what shall we find