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Savior  by Mulitfandom2
Savior by Mulitfandom2
Aurora Swan was a soft,sweet, gentle, cutely weird, mysterious, kind, and beautiful girl that everyone loved...... But Bella swan didn't like that, and Aurora being adop...
The Vampire's Pastry Chef (ONC 2022) by M_A_Hartman
The Vampire's Pastry Chef (ONC M. A. Hartman
|| WINNER AMBYS 2022 VAMPIRES CATEGORY || || FEATURED: FOODKART || When single mother and baker Autumn Milford is hired to cater a high-end party in the Berkshires, she...
𝔗he 𝔖tefanie 𝔖alvatore 𝔇iaries ࿐ ࿔ by Butterfly1645
𝔗he 𝔖tefanie 𝔖alvatore 𝔇 ₊˚.༄ 𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐘𝐖𝐑𝐈𝐓𝐄�...
❝𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐈 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐮𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞'𝐬 𝐞𝐱𝐜𝐞𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬.❞~𝐃𝐚𝐦�...
Beast of the Damned #2 by KenzDyer
Beast of the Damned #2by Kenz Dyer
~Kinley~ For a thousand days and a thousand nights, he and his army shed the blood of the humans that thought they ruled this earth. It has been a hundred years since th...
grow different  by opheliacloudsworld
grow different by ophelia cloud
BOOK 2 All of us come face to face with death in our lifetimes. Betrayal, lying, and the vulnerability of choosing our dreams over what others want from us. We never fit...
Luz B. Noceda: The Next Belmont by Lightman2120
Luz B. Noceda: The Next Belmontby Lightman 2120
Camila Noceda marries a mysterious man and gives birth to the next generation of a legendary bloodlines, who's sworn duty was to protect humanity from the creatures of t...
The Ultimate Vampire Queen by Ja2Anjelica
The Ultimate Vampire Queenby Legit A Queen
Many years ago the blood Countess died for all her horrible crimes, but like Count Dracula; she was raised from death, to live and feed on human blood to stay alive. The...
Demon King by rah_ina
Demon Kingby Rahina
"What do you want Scarlett?" he asks and leaves small kisses on my neck. "I won't be able to do anything unless you tell me exactly what you want" he...
𝐀𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞 by idoitsolo
𝐀𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞by Eminem’s lover
Living in a small town, seeing and doing the same things ever single day. Two mysterious males pop up and make her small world seem like it is for once exciting. Full of...
✧𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑬𝒎𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒍𝒅 𝑭𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒕 +. * by Mooniolie
✧𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑬𝒎𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒍𝒅 𝑭𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒔� .
This forest shines like the purest of emeralds, and the inhabitants? Well, let's just say they're...Unique Monster x (GN) reader ✓ Monster x (FEM) reader ✓ Monster x (...
The Monster Under My Bed by jamestheshapeshifter
The Monster Under My Bedby james the shapeshifter
It's comes and haunts me every night. make the monster go away! I don't want to see it anymore!
Isaac Lahey x Reader by Ivanna001
Isaac Lahey x Readerby Ivanna001
Hey ;) I write imagines about Isaac Lahey aka Daniel Sharman. If you have any requests, please tell me. Enjoy! :)
My Guardian Vampire by ghaadha
My Guardian Vampireby ghaadha
Hi I am Rose I am your average typical teenager. But there is something you need to know about me. I have a secret guardian that looks after me. I know no matter what th...
Lauriane by MonsieurHerr
Laurianeby MonsieurHerr
A long time ago, there were seven kingdoms they lived in harmony and most of all peace. These years were merely the calm before the storm.. But to assure this peace stay...
In Between Awake & Asleep: A (Don't) Open Your Eyes Fanfic by VioletRoses23
In Between Awake & Asleep: A (Don' M.J. Rose
Lana has had moments of sleep paralysis, but on this night, it's different than prior times. The atmosphere is still and abnormally quiet when she closes her eyes. With...
🌙Love Bites-Jack Russell x Reader (Werewolf By Night one shot)🌕 by KimAckermann
🌙Love Bites-Jack Russell x KimmieHargreeves
You've been friends with Jack for years. He's told you about his secret once but believe it's just a joke. Quickly you find out that he's been honest with you for a reas...
Forgotten Pines: The Chronicle of the Kodnikado  by broken_thoughts_9
Forgotten Pines: The Chronicle Faustina Llano
There was blood on my white shirt, but it wasn't mine... ----------- I bit into my lip as I awaited our summer sentence. "You three are going to go stay with your...
Vampire Hokage by AmandaFlower66
Vampire Hokageby Amanda
All Uzumaki family get turned into vampires and now they are after Hinata. Will she be able to escape them?
Whispering Whims  by Life_Under_The_Stars
Whispering Whims by Life_Under_The_Stars
Whispering Whims, what makes this town so different? Simple, humans living amongst the undead. Witches turning annoying werewolves into toads. Vampires stalking in the m...