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The Dancing Pig (A Lost Episode Short Story) by TheSummonerwriter
The Dancing Pig (A Lost Episode CrimsonLucille
Have you ever wanted to know why the horrifying silent film The Dancing Pig had frightened so many others? You will find out.
ZALGO: LORD OF CHAOS by TheSummonerwriter
ZALGO: LORD OF CHAOSby CrimsonLucille
He comes the hivemind of chaos. He who waits behind the walls. He Comes. Zalgo. Prepare for the unexpected terror that is Zalgo: Lord Of Chaos, He Comes The Hivemind Of...
Cold Prey: The Story of Eyeless Jack by TheSummonerwriter
Cold Prey: The Story of Eyeless CrimsonLucille
Keep in mind this is not an origin story of the Eyeless Jack character this is much than that this version of Eyeless Jack will make you fear of being asleep, this is mo...
Real Suffering: Suicide Mouse.Avi by TheSummonerwriter
Real Suffering: Suicide Mouse.Aviby CrimsonLucille
Imagine this situation: You find a hardrive and you don't know what's on it so you take it instead of leaving it their in the lost and found bin and when you take it hom...
SLENDERMAN by TheSummonerwriter
SLENDERMANby CrimsonLucille
Prepare for something mysterious and filled chilling terror as Tobi Smith encounters something terrifying as he had encountered it since he was a child.
LUST: Entrapment with the Sexual Offenderman by TheSummonerwriter
LUST: Entrapment with the Sexual CrimsonLucille
this is just another short story with only one part quick and easy. this one is about nothing other than you know who.