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Más que una semidiosa y bruja (S&B3) by keranaspell
Más que una semidiosa y bruja (S& 𝒂𝒃𝒃𝒂
-Todos la necesitan a ella- Meredith desaparece y Andrómeda no puede con todo lo que está pasando. Aún así, en un estado deplorable, los dioses le dan una misión. En...
el regreso del dios del tiempo (portada temporal) by kdjuusjw
el regreso del dios del tiempo ( kdjuusjw
esta historia esta inspirada en una película que vi y quiero aserla pero con los personajes que decida XD parejas: Hades/Alexxseiya
a hunter's life for me by emogothXx
a hunter's life for meby emogothXx
my shenanigans of monster hunter world told from the pov of my huntress. warning: lots of sarcasm.
O Feitiço do Tempo | Livro 3 by strfwre
O Feitiço do Tempo | Livro 3by 𝐋𝐈𝐕
Seis meses de faculdades não poderiam ter sido melhores. Nada melhor do que uma visita ao acampamento! O que poderia acontecer de errado? Era isso que Lydia pens...
Deep Within Kronos' Army by Ashley_bender
Deep Within Kronos' Armyby Ashley Serenity
Alexandria Gallaway, daughter of Iris and descendant of Athena, has joined the Titans' army. And with every day the Princess Andromeda sails gets closer to Olympus. Thi...
Dark Dimensions #11 by Dark_Dimensions
Dark Dimensions #11by Dark Dimensions Magazine
Welcome back to Dark Dimensions! We hold in store TheRobot's *final* competition corner for his retirement, books reviews, articles by KimFry and GradyRichards, guest ar...
Khaos Wars by Astragami_sama
Khaos Warsby Shiro / Maya
16 years ago, the people of planet Cronos fought a terrible war against a merciless foe; the cronians survived, but their home was left in ruins. To this day the consecu...
Roads of Vengeance  by Mare_my_Nostrum
Roads of Vengeance by Mare_my_Nostrum
Hottan, an aspiring youth from the kingdom of Bala, wishes to search the ends of the Earth to avenge his father, however, he is stopped in his tracks when the kingdom is...
Greek myth from Metis' point of view by PjoHooToaCcMcandHP
Greek myth from Metis' point of PjoHooToaCcMcandHP
What the title says. (In short, greek myth from a rational point of view, but inside zeus' head)
The Prophecy (Hades X Seiya). {Discontinued Until Further Notice} by SilverBell2005
The Prophecy (Hades X Seiya). { Bell
Since Time commemorates both Hades and pegasus have been at war, however what would happen if there was a shocking change? If the story is not how they told? What would...
The Prophecy by somoscristianosorg
The Prophecyby Luis Fernando Narvaez Cazares
This story is born from a dream where many important facts about the future were revealed to me. I know very well that not all people will find it logical and there will...
El Orbe de Cronos by Leyrilo
El Orbe de Cronosby Leyrilo
David está a punto de hacer historia. La expedición en busca de la mayor reliquia de la Humanidad va a partir. Sólo hay un problema. ¿Es el mayor descubrimiento de todos...
Cronos' Protection by SheriffJenna
Cronos' Protectionby Jenna Hines
Planet Story one shot
Medusa And Her Happy Ever After by VoodooPirate
Medusa And Her Happy Ever Afterby VoodooPirate
Andromeda is a blind girl who leaves her home to find happiness, since her whole life she has been pushed around because she "sees" the world differently. On h...
annabeth and percy's Child by dfjkxcbn
annabeth and percy's Childby dfjkxcbn
Percy and annabeth are married they are expecting a girl but Rachael spoke a prophecy which doesn't sounds good. so find out how will percydeal with it.