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Later, He Became a Top-Notch Drag Queen by Kazuyuuki95
Later, He Became a Top-Notch 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Yan Guikang/艳归康 Category: Tanmei fiction Status: 241 chapter (Finished) Introducing: Cheng Zhi's turn of rebirth was quite exciting. Not only did he descent fro...
A Girl For The Summer by Carlycurls
A Girl For The Summerby SheWrites
Lucas is excited about his summer trip but a series of unfortunate events occur leading to Lucas becoming Lucy for the summer. NSFW. 18+ A Girl For The Summer #adult #...
Becoming Her Little Sister by Carlycurls
Becoming Her Little Sisterby SheWrites
When mischievous younger brother, Danny, steals from his older sister, Katie, she decides to teach him a lesson. However his response to the lesson takes an unexpected t...
Temporary becomes permanent (Taekook) by Baby_Tae_Daddy_Koo
Temporary becomes permanent ( TaeluvKook
Taehyung becomes pregnant with his boyfriend's child but is left on his own. His ex-boyfriend returns eight months after the child's birth and tries to claim the baby. T...
Princess Of The University { Vmin } by jim_in7511
Princess Of The University { Vmin }by cupcake95
in this story one beautiful boy name park jimin aka Princess of the university everyone have crash on him girl or boy everyone die to see him once he is rich he is beaut...
Harry potter and The Different Realm  by Pcrw1233
Harry potter and The Different Hellowerewolf1
Harry comes back to his original realm which he left when only fourteen and more than a half years old, two weeks before his birth and was changed into a vampire at the...
RIDE OR DIE by LovelyBC23
RIDE OR DIEby y2k.23
A single parent just raising his daughter alone since the death of his fiancée A very famous drug dealer just looking for his ride or die What will happen when they me...
Kai/Kylee : Sorority Sissy by lilywritesMTF
Kai/Kylee : Sorority Sissyby lilywritesMTF
⚠️18+⚠️ !! Kai, a shy and submissive freshman, is eager to fit in and make new friends at college. He quickly becomes best friends with Bella, a fun-loving and naturally...
[BL] DEATHBLADE; The Emperor's Blood Pledged Shadow Guard by SpreadTheBoysLove
[BL] DEATHBLADE; The Emperor's Hello_Keithy
---NOT A TRANSLATION!!!!-- (be aware of this before you proceed and thought of this as a translated novel.) NOT PURE CHINESE k~😌cause I'm not good with Chinese... This...
TAEKOOK ONESHOTS  by Lovely_army69
bunch of taekook oneshot 🔞 ‼️: top kook, bottom tae, boypussy, cross dressing and many more!
Nothing Can Stop Me - HP by Pcrw1233
Nothing Can Stop Me - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry starts to read about dark magic at first it was just to get an understanding but now he uses it to get what he want what is it that he wants, will he join the dark...
A Fateful Bet by moviewoman666420
A Fateful Betby Ali
Hannah keeps making bets to fully feminize her dear brother Taylor. Going to update the story on a weekly basis.
Drugged On Deck by Amelia_Dxvis
Drugged On Deckby Amelia Davis
Nico and Zane go one a cruise for a holiday, but things go south when a scientist uses them as Guinea pigs for his gender-bending experiments.
(#1) Caitlyn and Gwen: Florally Welcomed by Falstaff801
(#1) Caitlyn and Gwen: Florally Falstaff
Jared is a shy boy who prefers the company of girls, but he never asks them out because he's afraid of rejection. The girls decide to welcome him as one of their own.
Bow Down ( Tomarry) by khanyisilethato
Bow Down ( Tomarry)by khanyisile
They are kind , They are caring , They are joyful , but never take them for granted . They will kill you without a thought if they smell betrayal . The Princess is man...
1 Omega and 6 alpha's by shinningstar31
1 Omega and 6 alpha'sby ☆𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐫☆
Tetsuya is the son of a mafia leader and is an omega so in fear of his life he hires 6 alpha FBI agents to not only guard his sons life but to get one of them to mate wi...
Girl Posing As A Boy by PinkieElle
Girl Posing As A Boyby Pink Elephant
------ A/N: The cover was made by my friend Galaxy Sri (she also made the cover for Their Lovely Arranged Marriage). ------ Hi. I'm Laura Thompson. I go to Kensingburg S...
Harry Potter and The hidden Truths - HP by Pcrw1233
Harry Potter and The hidden Hellowerewolf1
Harry goes through an surprising inheritance finding out the hidden truths about himself and the people around him, how will he react to it all will he keep playing the...
A Favour For My Siblings  by aishaa2204
A Favour For My Siblings by Aisha
An 18 year old guy, on his last day before going to college, agrees to take his brother and sister to an event, dressed as a girl. But little did he know that, many even...
A Cousins Plan by BoySissyDiaper
A Cousins Planby Sissydiapers
This is just a test is you so if you want me to continue tell me how the story will go