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Atlas, The Crimson Dragon Of Hope by Master_Oogway21
Atlas, The Crimson Dragon Of Hopeby Master_Oogway21
Highschool DxD crosses with My Hero Academia using the same main character, and no pervert mc. Also, if the title is confusing, look up "hope in japanese" I do...
☀️( サンピラー ) Sun Pillar's Harem☀️ by Benoitkun
☀️( サンピラー ) Sun Pillar's Harem☀️by Benoitkun
Tanjiro is a Pillar( サンピラー☀️ ) and use sun breathing( 太陽の呼吸 ☀️) perfectly he is currently training to try and use other breathings , Kibutsuji Muzan sent an Uppermoon( 血...
The young man with unforetold powers (rating:15+) by sebasketnatorSanchez
The young man with unforetold TheHumbleWriter
Izuku Yagi (hate the last name by the way) has been forgotten since the age of four after The Quirk Doctor deemed him quirkless. As he was walking home from school, he d...
The Galactic Swordsman (N7 Spectre/Mass Effect Reader x Demon Slayer Harem) by KnyJimmy
The Galactic Swordsman (N7 CarlosShepard190
Reincarnation is always messy, especially when you, Y/N Shepard, is the descendant and reincarnation of three legendary swordsmen: Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Michikatsu Tsugiku...
Summer's Father reader and Crossover Massive Harem by Lexluthor6
Summer's Father reader and Owen Huffer
You are the father of team STRQ's daughter after being away for so long you return along with your team to help an even bigger threat than Salem herself.
The void hero (Adopted By Power-of-izu) by ArkStar292
The void hero (Adopted By Ark Star
in a world 80% of people have superpower they call it quirk we going to meet our protagonist Izuku yagi no ......Izuku midoriya Oh yea this my first fanfiction
Summoning Hero: Shōkkan Book 2 by Shotabell
Summoning Hero: Shōkkan Book 2by Gaming
After the events at the USJ, The Hero Society as a whole was shocked by the new villain's arrival, seeing that this was more than just words, it was a declaration to eve...
Izuku: A Different World  by Lady_nagant_simp
Izuku: A Different World by Kaina Tsutsumi
At the age of 15 a portal opened up that took izuku to a different world. At the age of 16 that same portal opened up again to bring him back just this time he has some...
Dekuverse by Ark1lles
Dekuverseby Ark1lles
This is my first story so please don't hate on it
The Hero Of Shadows by ZDN-FanFics
The Hero Of Shadowsby ZDN
In the battle between Deku and Muscular, He did the best he could to Defeat the villain but ...... it wasn't enough, he did everything thing but he just wasn't strong e...
Shadow Monarch Izuku:Remake by TobiUchiha45
Shadow Monarch Izuku:Remakeby Tobi
Have you ever fell into deep despair.Our MC Izuku Yagi was diagnosed to have a dormant quirk.Bullied and neglected izuku lived a horrible life.He had no light in his lif...
The Dragon Gamer Of Remanant (Adoption) by LupusNoir00
The Dragon Gamer Of Remanant ( Lupus Noir
This story is about a gamer who got transported to the world of Remanant. He spawns in the jungle with his trusty system Mira,But there is a big mishap. Instead of being...
A different Lives Of Deku by Kayzer_kinjetsu
A different Lives Of Dekuby Kayzer_kinjetsu
Well we all know what happened a bright light transported 1-A 1-B eri kota mahoro and katsuma the teachers some pro heroes mei shinsou melissa and David bakugou parents...