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A kingdom of darkness by MahNely
A kingdom of darknessby MahNely
She was evil, he was worst... but together they would be even worse.
Hate.Love.Desire by Otaku-Fanchick
Hate.Love.Desireby Otaku-Fanchick
Jock Shane William and geek Andy Adam are a hare love and desire relation ship find out what happens to their love story by reading ;3
Slicer Sisters by Soukoku37
Slicer Sistersby Lilith Lazule
Join us. We won't bite. Watch us. We want to be kind. Love us. We were better than you thought.
Streetwíse by Auburn_a_marshmellow
Streetwíseby Auburn_a_marshmellow
It's so strange that autumn is beautiful; yet everything is dyíng
Insult Book by ShipperOfEveryShip
Insult Bookby GO TO MY NEW ACCOUNT! @AGENT3...
I know there are a million of these but... Oh well...