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The Biggest MISTAKE (REVAMPING!) by muchkinxox
The Biggest MISTAKE (REVAMPING!)by Online
After playing a prank on Marinette. Adrien, Alya and Nino had to much fun and took it way to far. Witch lead to Marientte leaving Paris.... Book 2: coming Started: Ju...
Hear My  CRYS by RenayeHinds1
Hear My CRYSby Urban survival
Fifteen year old elly went through a tragic ordeal the night both parents died in a fire leaving their shining star on the streets of Compton with no parental supervisio...
Collage au! [platonic beeduo] by your_local_homo
Collage au! [platonic beeduo]by Your_local_homo
Turned this thing into a high school au!
AarMau The One Who Crys- By Senpaii_XDD by Senpaii_XDD
AarMau The One Who Crys- By Oofers
AphMau- *Bullied *Dad + Mom Died * Scared Of HerSelf *Scared Of Her Feelings *Scared Of Aarons Group And Aaron Aaron- *Jock *Dad + Mom Died * Scared To Fail The School ...
It Started With A Book (Unique Salonga Fanfiction) by nicsc0le
It Started With A Book (Unique nicole
Where Samantha and Unique meets because of a book, she didn't knew she'd find herself wanting more than just the book. A (very) short story that's originally written and...
Hypnotised by his caramel eyes student/teacher Watty Awards 2012 by LucyRandall
Hypnotised by his caramel eyes Lucy Randall
Its Grace's senior year and all she wants to think about is getting through it and get to college. Her bestfriend is determined to help Grace find love, a thing it which...
ticci tobyxreader  by bxbygirl1009
ticci tobyxreader by Gabby Loney
y/n meets a strange boy In the woods with cute tics and falls in love
People I've simped on irl by AnimeCookie043
People I've simped on irlby AnimeCookie
yes I'm fucking doing this 🖕
Sweet Revenge by smoresXD
Sweet Revengeby smoresXD
Payton Danson was dating MR. PLAyer Jessie Bolton andshe thought he loved her but she was wrong. So one day he drops her like hot cakes after confessing he was with...
a random thing i wrote by storiesxrandom
a random thing i wroteby storiesxrandom
This is just a one chapter book of something I wrote, tell me how it is!
My Pumpkin Pie by dawnbreex
My Pumpkin Pieby dawnbreex
This book will be about everything that hurts.
Dressed in all Black  by Komaegi4Life
Dressed in all Black by Hoodesquette
A sharpened dagger stabbed in his heart, Ripping in two, ripping apart. It took only a few words, but her words cut him deep, Stealing emotions, making him weak. Source...
Crys's Memories by WindowGirl
Crys's Memoriesby Annabelle K
I know what you're expecting- a sad story where me, the forgotten sister of Lily Evans falls in love with Snape and so on. Nope. That's not what this is at all. I never...
Sacred Blood by CrystalEmbers
Sacred Bloodby Sreya
A group of girls have been growing up in the furthest corner of the world not knowing of their immense and powerful heritage. A sudden tragedy and an unexpected discover...
this abt my friend and their crush btw
Try Change Me (Editing and changing) by YolandaaBlahh
Try Change Me (Editing and YolandaaBlahh
The life of sixteen-year-old Veronica, a troubled child from a broken home: The lose of her four-year-old sister caused a dramatic change in her and everyone around, loo...
I Fell For A Popular by maskedpinapple
I Fell For A Popularby pineapple
"They always fall for the magical charm." Justin smirked. "Ya well, I'm not they so that's not gonna happen." I crossed my arms. "You are gonna...
Firelight by muchkinxox
Firelightby Online
Money and power is all that my father cares. People use me for money. He was broken and she was broken Maybe they can mix each other's hearts