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Business deal ||A random crk fic|| by TotallynotEclair
Business deal ||A random crk fic||by Eclair but taller
Main casts for today areee: pankek and custarddd , gumball <333 Side casts: Herb :,)
Strawberry Crepe's Interlude (Cookie Run Fanfic) by SushiKatOwO
Strawberry Crepe's Interlude ( Sush1Kat
They sat, bloody and leaning against the remains of one of the wafflebots in the middle of the fiery destruction from the battle. The other cookies had already gone into...
cookie run x reader oneshots || { requests are open } by seraphskiosk
cookie run x reader oneshots || { ♡
-cover isn't mine, it's from the official crk twitter account. !!please check the first chapter before typing out your request!!, there are rules to requesting { all thi...
Childish Dreams (Cookie run kingdom) by Owlhouseships3
Childish Dreams (Cookie run OI FOR FOCKS SAKE
Custard cookie iii thinks he's the king, but everyone tells him he's not. Pancake cookie likes to fly, well at least try too. But when Custard and Pancake share their dr...
Chocolate Custard Cookie au by GummiCroc
Chocolate Custard Cookie auby GummiCroc
an Au where Custard Cookie III joins the dysfunctional family of Dark Enchantress
The Chaotic Sleepover // CRK by Makuseii
The Chaotic Sleepover // CRKby 🍭saki!!
ah yes Five cookies decide to have a sleepover together after a big agreement; Custard Cookie III, Pancake Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie and Snow Su...
Head Canon requests! by HuneyBuzz
Head Canon requests!by Beez
I really have nothing else to write soooo what tell me a CRK cookie and I will write down my headcanon for them
~•CRK HEADCANONS•~by Bennett
iwillthinkofatitlelater by NotDensName
iwillthinkofatitlelaterby gayho
Just a small fanfiction of Madeleine and Espresso- Including background characters. Two kingdoms who once hated each other finally stopped being childish and decided tha...
Rebloom (Cookie Run: Kingdom Characters x OC) by PuppetBl00m
Rebloom (Cookie Run: Kingdom PuppetBl00m
If anything could describe life, it sucked... At least, for her... A cookie with a sweet demeanor, overpowered by her fiery temper and uncontrollable magic... None of th...
Role play mini stories i did with my TikTok fren by Aradioactivebitch
Role play mini stories i did Bloody:._Bra1n._gutz🩸
These are mini stories i did with my fren on tiktok Their acc is @stawberrycrepe.cookie Anyways This book ships kinda.. Strawberry crepe and custard ( as a little frien...
Princey got a crush! [Custard Cookie iii x Pancake Cookie] (PLATONIC) by Offic1al_Rileg
Princey got a crush! [Custard Rosie_lolz
So, little sir princey here (Custard) got himself a little crush on his best friend, pancake cookie. He hides it but everyone else can tell he has a crush on him. Pancak...
Friends Forever by Mamboo07
Friends Foreverby Mamboo07
After being bored with nothing to do around the Cookie Kingdom, Custard decides to hang out with Pancake for some bonding time or either just being together as friends. ...
Are We Really Enemies....? by Vexisnotgay690
Are We Really Enemies....?by vexy
After the events of ep 9 Crepe goes back to their workshop to try something new with the waffles bots to make them work a lot better. They try on a waffle bot but somet...
Darkness Grows||CRK/CROB Fanfic by sonictheforreal1243
Darkness Grows||CRK/CROB Fanficby sonictheforreal1243
Wizard and Cream Puff were studying new magic until Alchemist arrived but not the one everyone knows...