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Harry Potter the Hufflepuff (Harry Harem) by Attack_onlife
Harry Potter the Hufflepuff ( Attack_onlife
What if Harry was Half Veela? What if Aunt Petunia was Nice? What if Harry wasn't in the Tri-wizard tournament? What if everyone had a crush on him? And what if he didn'...
Hidden in Black Robes by blackfyrre
Hidden in Black Robesby fyrre
A 4 year old Harry Potter is abused by his relatives. When Dumbledore asks Snape to check on the boy, he finds out something he least expects to see. What will Snape do...
Neighbours // Severitus by blackfyrre
Neighbours // Severitusby fyrre
Severus Snape's troubles came in the form of one small green eyed boy, showing up at his door with a plate of cookies in hand. That started it all. Cross posted on AO3 a...
BNHA X HP crossover by rosemarypierpaoli
BNHA X HP crossoverby Claire
MxB In the world of magic their are people who have soulmates. A small tattoo on any part of their body describes who the persons soulmate is. Most people don't ever ge...
Harry Styles Imagines | One Shots | H.S by Adoreudirection
Harry Styles Imagines | One AdoreuDirection
Hey there! "The title explains it all", so here I am. writing a book filled with some amazing H.S one shots & imagines. Some are sad, Some are cute, Some happ...
D I R T Y    H A R R Y by Cherriesndstuff
D I R T Y H A R R Yby LOU <3
A compilation of Harry smuts I write when am bored. With some of my favourite Harold pictures 😊😊 Welcome to my mind
old money || l.s mpreg by larrysdna
old money || l.s mpregby matilda
The Styles and Tomlinson's have been rivals as long as history can remember, and Harry and Louis were careful to keep their relationship a secret -- maybe even forever...
Harry Styles Imagines by ShellHerondale
Harry Styles Imaginesby ShellHerondale
Hey guys I'm Charlotte and I have some Harry Styles Imagines for y'all! I take requests(no smut) so message me personally and I update every day or so! Also, this is all...
Your love..  drarry fantastic by kai_drarry_topDraco_
Your love.. drarry fantasticby Kai_bottam_harry
in this drarry book Ginny is mean but no hate on her , and she has a crush on Harry, Harry has told her he is gay. Harry has a eating disorder so u have been warned /som...
innocent | h.s au by extrodynharry
innocent | h.s auby joღ
❝are we going to get in trouble for this, Harry?❞ ❝push aside your innocent little mind for a moment, love.❞
flower crowns //l.s.    by pary-hMr
flower crowns //l.s. by parisa✏
هری عاشق گل های خوشگل صورتیه و لویی با جوهر و پیرسینگ حال میکنه. Persian Translation
Different Worlds by _MarsStars_
Different Worldsby _mars_
Harry was born in the pureblood family, Potters, who are known for their beauty. Through his whole life he has people to care for him. But in his 7th year, the Wizarding...
The boy who was not as expected by CanISlytherin6209
The boy who was not as expectedby E & A
The is a Hufflepuff harry story, he is going to not really be like canon harry at all. I do not know which ship I will do so that is up to you! You may even not want a s...
Beautiful, beautiful boy || l.s by larrysdna
Beautiful, beautiful boy || l.sby matilda
Harry has Aspergers. To top that he also was diagnosed with OCD and can barely function at school, but his mom never has time to teach him at home or pay for someone el...
my two favorite crayons *l.s* _ON HOLD_ by hario_louigi
my two favorite crayons *l.s* hario_louigi
a cute little Larry short story where Louis and Harry grow up together and they are quite fond of the colors Pacific Blue and Mountain Meadow. Who says you can't fall in...
Wish [Harry] On Hold by mesmereyes
Wish [Harry] On Holdby Cazza
[ONGOING] A story about a creative girl who finds all her dreams coming true after wishing on a star - including the love of her life beginning to take an in interes...
In the Name of Air by Attack_onlife
In the Name of Airby Attack_onlife
On that fateful night on October 31st Voldemort did not now there were twins in the Potter household. Harry is an air elemental WBWL Harry does not need glasses. Lily ta...
Not The Harry They Expected. {Drarry} by Zoobee_bunny4life
Not The Harry They Expected. { I LOVE ISA<4EVA3
Harry after the Wizarding war can't take it and can't take all the burden of people he loved Dead. He kills himself but awakens. HE'S BACK... 10 year old Harry s...
Harry potter and the Dynasty of Qin (BL Story) - being rewritten- by KameTan
Harry potter and the Dynasty of Akatsuki Fox
Do you love transmigration novels or Chinese novels? Because I do! This is a Novel/fanfiction Harry was exploring with Bill when he found a beautiful Jade ring, taking...
Inlove Ako Kay Idol by hurtlessprincess25
Inlove Ako Kay Idolby hurtlessprincess25
Hi gaizt?I'm hurtlessprincess25...This story is requested to my echocheeeraang couzEn,na nang Agaw sa diary ko.Ayun toloy nlaman ng family ko ang secret ko!haist...pasal...