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Broken Soul {Cyberpunk 2077 fanfic} by Authortius
Broken Soul {Cyberpunk 2077 fanfic}by Authortius
Y/n is the daughter of Hanako Arasaka. She is naive to the dark dealings that happen within Night City especially in the Arasaka business. What happens when she gets fra...
Frost Angel by gilharriss
Frost Angelby Gil Harriss
Cult-busting psychologist James Arklow gets an unusual request from the FBI: help a rookie agent and the social media monitoring AI she babysits investigate a murder. T...
Anarchy of the Mice by jeff_bond
Anarchy of the Miceby Jeff Bond
"Nibble, nibble. Until the whole sick scam rots through." When anarchist-hackers the Blind Mice begin crippling the country's worst corporations -- the "D...
Hover Racer by TamunaTsertsvadze
Hover Racerby Tamuna Tsertsvadze
Tana (22) is a digital writer and a professional motorplane (hoverbike) rider. She owns an anthropomorphic motorplane with a full-powered AI called Damian, whom her brot...
DarkWeb (TEASER  ONLY) by TaliaVines
DarkWeb (TEASER ONLY)by Talia Vines
Hello lovelies! After a million (!!!) reads, I've taken DarkWeb down. Thank you for all the comments, votes, and reads! UPDATE: DARKWEB IS NOW FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMIT...
Phoenix by ashley_ruth
Phoenixby moonchild
Sequel of the book "The Frost"... Can anyone tell how can one news be good and bad at the same time? let me give an example. Voyager 2, NASA's deep space probe...
Anonymous Stalker by ZaineeSharik
Anonymous Stalkerby Zainee Sharik
Dev starts receiving texts from an unknown number. She ignores them, assuming that it is just someone texting the wrong number, but things start to get creepy when the p...
The Network by Natalie-MacPherson
The Networkby Natalie MacPherson
The pounding head was the thing that woke Ike Harrison up. He groaned softly as he pushed himself off the ground. Once he managed to focus his eyesight, he saw that it w...
Cyberpunk Tomorrow by learnerandgib
Cyberpunk Tomorrowby Learner & Gib
A collection of hacked and stolen communications from the future. Extracted from the deep web using experimental machine learning techniques, these texts assemble an inc...
I Told You, Eli Oxley by ChaseManning2
I Told You, Eli Oxleyby Chase Manning
Banks will be hacked. Hearts will be broken. Watty Winner in the Best New Voices category! I TOLD YOU, ELI OXLEY is a novel about guilt, money, hacking, temptation and f...
Silvertroll by nitronaut
Silvertrollby Bill Kandiliotis
As a grieving parent, Nathan [The Caveman] Caves struggles to come to terms with his son Julian's death, his son's online legacy, and with a malicious internet troll tha...
HAVOC || Na Jaemin by monopeach_
HAVOC || Na Jaeminby I AM ME
"Sounds like a lot of people are going to die." Two unsuspecting high schoolers, a mafia boss, and a detective. All working together to prevent a terrorist att...
Blackquest 40 by jeff_bond
Blackquest 40by Jeff Bond
** WATTYS 2018 WINNER ** Big Tech meets Die Hard in this techno-thriller Kirkus Reviews calls "a clever, spirited tale with a brainy, nimble heroine at the helm.&qu...
Social Engineer by ianhsutherland
Social Engineerby Ian
A Wattpad Featured Story! A pharmaceutical company under cyberattack from China. The chemical formula for their Alzheimer's drug at stake. Can elite hacker Brody Taylor...
Computer Science by muktodmi
Computer Scienceby Dewan M.I. Mukto
NON-FICTION In this modern era of constantly developing technologies, digital devices are the utmost crucial resources that underpins all of the luxuries and factors of...
Never told you  by sakshidhrity
Never told you by Ev
Curious girls should not try to solve mysteries because sometimes it can unchain the secrets of their own lives too. What else can go wrong..... ....except everything? C...
Cryptocurrency Warfare by LonzyGuwap
Cryptocurrency Warfareby Lonzy Guwap
A black man's quest to strike big in the highly volatile crypto markets while trying to create generational wealth for many.
𝖈𝖞𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖕𝖚𝖓𝖐 𝟐𝟎𝟕𝟕 by loveholixc_
𝖈𝖞𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖕𝖚𝖓𝖐 𝟐𝟎𝟕𝟕by 🂡
cyberpunk /ˈsʌɪbəpʌŋk/ a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology.