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India: The Passing Day  by InMyOwnWrite64
India: The Passing Day by Lovelyrita
Its 1968 Cynthia Lennon feels that her marriage is crumbling every day she hopes that a trip to India can help her marriage but when a woman named Yoko Ono enters the pi...
Reconnecting With My Dad John  by aloveroflennon
Reconnecting With My Dad John by aloveroflennon
What happens when John lennons quirky and fiesty teenage daughter comes face to face with her dad who she hasn't seen in over a year
How Do You Sleep? (A John Lennon Fanfic) by Miss_Lani64
How Do You Sleep? (A John Lennon Miss_Lani64
Julia Lennon, the child of Cynthia Powell and John Lennon. When her parents get divorced how much of an affect does it cause her to not have a father's guide in life? WA...
Hey Jude (Julian Lennon) by Johns_Nowhere_Woman
Hey Jude (Julian Lennon)by Johns_Nowhere_Woman
On April 8th, 1963, Julian Lennon was born. From there he suffered many hardships and ultimately suffered because of his father's fame, relationship with his mother, ect...
I Want You Back, Cyn by JohnAndCynLennonLove
I Want You Back, Cynby JohnAndCynLennonLove
It's the year 1980 and John has been doing alot of thinking about Cynthia. He is feeling so guilty about the way he treated her in the past. He realises how much he actu...
The Blue Danube [OLD] by norwegiianwood
The Blue Danube [OLD]by she/they, lesbian
(disclaimer rly old and bad!!!) - Paul McCartney is the son of a wood chopper, barely scrounging on their savings to afford clothes and meals. As for John Lennon, it is...
Beatle Baby by BWbeatlesgirl
Beatle Babyby Vanessa
It is the April of 1964, just after the filming of a hard day's night, and Paul McCartney is a young man with no responsibilities holding him down...or so he thinks.
Beatles Chat Room by artemis912
Beatles Chat Roomby "ZAP!"
The Fab Four discover the wonders of online messaging. Inevitably, some weird shit's going to happen. I happen to specialize in writing weird shit. Enjoy!
This Boy by ZiggyBowie
This Boyby UFC dancer
John Lennon was the most popular and most loved or hated boy in the whole of, what the friends see as, Liverpool. All the girls always wanted him, desperately and he wan...
The Beatles Wives Club by beatlesbelike
The Beatles Wives Clubby Hiatus
Dedicated to Cynthia Lennon, Maureen Starkey, Pattie Boyd, Linda McCartney, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Barbara Bach, Heather Mills, Nancy Shevell as well as Jane Asher...
If I Fell by InMyOwnWrite64
If I Fellby Lovelyrita
John Lennon 1966, has everything he ever wanted. Money, Fame with The Beatles, But after a meeting with up incoming artist Cynthia Powell his life will never be the same.
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - McLennon AU by Stxrry_Mxcca
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Elizabeth
In the Spring of 1963, Cynthia Lennon gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. However, things don't go to plan, as complications during the delivery go wrong, causing Cynth...
The Affair by Rory13
The Affairby Rory G
the affair between Kaye and Paul. Cheats on Linda (as he did with Linda on Jane) Kaye does not know him FICTION NONE IS TRUE!
More From Hamburg by Winstonian1
More From Hamburgby Winstonian1
I published a story called Love From Hamburg, which was episodes from George's and the other Beatles' first trip to Hamburg. Some people suggested that it could be exten...
Nothing's Gonna Change My World...(John And Cynthia Lennon) by Miss_Starkey
Nothing's Gonna Change My Miss_Starkey
What if John Lennon stayed with his wife Cynthia instead?
I Lost my Little Girl by briannaleefitzgerald
I Lost my Little Girlby Brianna L Fitzgerald
When Paul McCartney finds Annabelle, a quiet toddler, will he ever find her parents? Will Paul become more than just Annie's temporary Guardian?
Reasons to Love Cynthia Lennon  by beatlewriter
Reasons to Love Cynthia Lennon by Beatle Writer
This is an original work by Grace Lennon McCartney, translated by Beatle Writer. A book highlighting and listing all the reasons to love the beautiful and amazing, Cynth...
Women of Classic Rock by quietharrison
Women of Classic Rockby gold dust woman®
Dedicated to the beautiful, intriguing, exuberant women who've taken the hearts of our favorite musicians. // cover by @vangcgh
 mclennon | one-shots book by maccaswings
mclennon | one-shots bookby jules
McLennon one shots with titles inspired by song names because I love writing about these two