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Miley Cyrus Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
Miley Cyrus Imagines (gxg)by Kaylee♡
Miley Cyrus x Female Reader Imagines Message me if you ever have any requests 💫 All chapters are written by me. Please give credit if you use any of my chapters or ide...
HARLAN AND CYRUS: One Shorts by JamesWRichardson
HARLAN AND CYRUS: One Shortsby James W. Richardson
Harlan Briggs and Cyrus Nix short stories. fluff, smut, and emotional s***. I do not own the characters.
Still by Your Side -||Lloyd x Reader||- by Rozsune
Still by Your Side -||Lloyd x Rozsune
We might not remember everything, and questions may never be answers, but my love for you will never vanish. We could fight sky pirates and never remember, fight villain...
Just Another Nick Jonas Love Story by AshAshtonHarry21
Just Another Nick Jonas Love Storyby AshAshtonHarry21
Meghan was always in love with Nick Jonas. His posters cover her bedroom walls. what will happen when he comes to her school? nothing will ever be the same.
Spy School Goes Rogue by Hornetsman21
Spy School Goes Rogueby HornetsMan
Ben finds out a plan to kill one of his friends, eliminating all threats to their evil plans. He tells his friends, to no avail. What will Ben do to save his friends? Th...
Operation Holiday Cheer - A Spy School Story by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Operation Holiday Cheer - A Spy AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Ben has a problem. Something he has never told anyone for some time. And it's hurting him. If it isn't resolved soon, the consequences will be devastating. Can the rest...
TJ's Playlist | Tyrus by staristired
TJ's Playlist | Tyrusby staristired
When Cyrus finds a playlist on TJ's desktop full of old love songs, he realizes that TJ has never been a scary basketball guy but rather a huge sap. TJ just wished Cyrus...
The Polaroid's on the Wall by Rro110
The Polaroid's on the Wallby The summer of 1899
*Complete* Cyrus is a normal 15 year old boy. He excels in school to the delight of his 4 overprotective parents and is loyal to his two best friends who he's known sinc...
The life of Tyrus after Season 3 by Nachtaron
The life of Tyrus after Season 3by Nachtaron
Season 3 of Andi Mack has ended. Since none of us wanted the show to end, I came up with an idea. Why don't you write yourself what could've happened after S3? The gang...
Love Me Like You Do. by JoeJemiDemi
Love Me Like You JoeJemiDemi
She thought no one would think she was beautiful,but that all changed when Joe Jonas bumped into her one day. He was determine to make her feel as beautiful as he think...
Spy School Viva Vegas by wriley2021
Spy School Viva Vegasby wriley2021
With all of their enemies bearing down on them, Agents Ben Ripley and Erica Hale go on the offensive to track them down. They'll need the help of their friends if they w...
Heather ✔️ by thatfloatinggirl
Heather ✔️by Guddie
And I heard my heart crack as I watched their become one~ A tale of unrequited love~ One wherein a boy falls in love with someone he can't have. [A fiction based on Cona...
Hooked by sinistertoxicity
Hookedby Hečate
❝ I'm going to ask you this again, do you love Carlos? Yes. ❞ Daughter of the most famous Captain Hook, Cyrus (sigh-res) has to be sent away, along with her frie...
Precious Doll in This Ugly World [Pokemon Fanfic, 2015 PKMNWatties] by eri_quin
Precious Doll in This Ugly World [ Eri Quin
A female Ash Ketchum is faced with being unable to fulfill her dreams with prejudices against her gender, and realizing that the world is a dark, ugly place. She wants t...
Against All Odds | Tyrus by Xirona
Against All Odds | Tyrusby 𝐌𝐈𝐂𝐀𝐇
❝Okay, I'm going to gloss over the fact that you didn't deny being Cyrus's boyfriend, because did TJ Kippen just apologise to me?❞ Cyrus Goodman always sees the best in...
Spy School X by willthethrilluwu
Spy School Xby William
Murray Hill has just ordered a hit on Benjamin Ripley. As Ben and Erica's relationship is growing stronger they now must face the challenges ahead of them. Ben's greates...
Spy School: British Invasion by SpySchool13
Spy School: British Invasionby moonroses
After the fiasco in Mexico, Ben and the gang fly to Britain to follow a lead from Murray. They stay in a fancy hotel, eat good food, and, oh yeah, have multiple encounte...
Ash Ketchum: Battle of the Ampere by Starjuice17
Ash Ketchum: Battle of the Ampereby Starjuice17
Ash, Serena, Clemont and the rest of the Electroclan have destroyed the largest of the Galactic Starxsource plants, but now they're on the run. Galactic have teamed up w...
Bitter-Sweet by Rro110
Bitter-Sweetby The summer of 1899
*Complete* TJ Kippen, Jefferson middle school's boys basketball captain. His intimidating approach causes instant fear in most, earning the upmost respect from about ev...