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Descendants Texting Stories by CaptainVal27
Descendants Texting Storiesby Val
Once all the descendants receive a phone, trouble stirs up immediately afterwards. With the whole internet at there fingertips, who knows what information they might unc...
Illicit Love | Charlie Conway by RachaelBanks99
Illicit Love | Charlie Conwayby AdamBanksrealwife
Illicit: Forbidden by law, rules, or custom. Love: An intense feeling of deep affection. Annabelle Banks and Charlie Conway, two children from completely opposite backgr...
The Crew Fanfiction by Sidebeatz4life
The Crew Fanfictionby Crewfan
You (Crystal) meet Sp33dy online and immediately become friends this is your story about going to pax and meeting the crew Sidearms, Legion, Nobodyepic, G18, Sp33dy, D20...
Warrior | Adam Banks by RachaelBanks99
Warrior | Adam Banksby AdamBanksrealwife
"I think you're misunderstanding Banks, there's only one word to describe that girl, warrior" Gabriella Monroe was the type of girl that no one noticed, or bo...
Comment je suis devenue idole de J-pop by ARMY-ARMY
Comment je suis devenue idole de J...by ARMY-AMY
Haruka est une jeune japonaise, assez maladroite, mais tellement adorable ! Elle a été miraculeusement admit à l'Université la plus prestigieuse de Tokyo( malgré le fait...
Hunger Games Sagas-Game 101 to 200 by GemBrigade12
Hunger Games Sagas-Game 101 to 200by GemBrigade12
A Hunger Games series brought back due to people asking.
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Randomness  by A_Useless_Bl_Fan
Randomness by JaytheGay
This is a little rant that I would just like to get off my chest
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Thanh xuân của tớ sao ? Dành cho các cậu cả đấy !! by Taeger1202
Thanh xuân của tớ sao ? Dành cho c...by
Thanh xuân chính là thứ vô cùng quý giá trong cuộc đời con người. Mặc thứ mình thích, làm điều mình yêu để rồi không phải hối tiếc về thanh xuân ấy. Hãy sống thật vui vẻ...
Maybe It's You by RecluseInEclipse
Maybe It's Youby Rie Ramirez
Meet Kai Daison... Ang best friend ni Xeianna De Leon. Na palihim na may gusto sa kaniya... Pero iba ang gusto ni Xeia
Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Tough, Love The Game by writersblockhappens
Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Tough...by just_give_me_autumn
Most people I know call me Princess. Some people call me Carter. A few people call me Wild Thing. Two people call Slap Shot Queen. One person, one very special person, c...
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DESTINED TO DIE... by secretkk1
DESTINED TO DIE...by secret kk
LOTS OF GUYS WHO TIME TRAVELLED OVER DIFFERENT WORLDS TO LOVE ONE GIRL...Read out to find more guys Loving her! You can read it in Wattpad and Mangatoon!
Apple watch bling by nordmike
Apple watch blingby nordmike
Stainless Steel Apple Watch BandUntitled part
jl shallow mount - jl slim - 10tw3 d4 review by clairedivas056
jl shallow mount - jl slim - 10tw3...by clairedivas056
It is another very compact subwoofer. It's dimensions are 12.4 inches in height 11.4 inches in height 5.5 inches depth. With this dimensions the sub is capable of projec...
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D4DJ - Natsumi Hirajima (Nacchan) x Reader - "A DJ Fan's Dream" by ItsukaShinnaII
D4DJ - Natsumi Hirajima (Nacchan)...by John Carlo Camino
This is a fanfiction for Merm4id fans from D4DJ community. Synopsis: A long-time music listener loves any electronic music especially, EDMs & House Music who needs to se...
I'll keep trying. by toru-toru
I'll keep trying.by tori
Sidearms doesn't know what he'll get into when he messages a cute look fan. Will he get the girl or will he keep trying?