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Why do you love me? - An SBI Adoption AU by KingFictionV8
Why do you love me? - An SBI KingFictionV8
Tommy is not a happy kid. Seeing his dad die right in front of him. Being stuck at an orphanage since he was only 2, never managing to even get fostered. Even at only si...
I'm Sorry (RanbooxReader) by AllisonMoore3
I'm Sorry (RanbooxReader)by Allison Moore
Y/N is a streamer and a part of the DreamSMP. Although, she has a terrible past that haunts her every day. She hides her pain with humor and pretends to be happy in fron...
What They Don't Know, Won't Hurt Them by Alpha_Deku
What They Don't Know, Won't Hurt Phantom Deku(Little)
DreamXD finds Dream in his cell bloody and beaten. Laying maskless leaving XD's aura to darken. "I am sorry I have neglected you." He whispered to the man bef...
S.O.S yan!dsmp x child reader by Candy_slvtgore
S.O.S yan!dsmp x child readerby Candy_slvtgore
What turns into a normal school day,ends up in a disaster. [Inspired by Bite,a yan!dsmp x reader fanfic]
Avian Prince Tommy by 18Huttonch
Avian Prince Tommyby
In the whole world, there is only one family left who have wings, they are the royal family. But one day, the whole village will find out that there was still one more a...
yandere dream smp/sib x teen oc by AnimeFan44763
yandere dream smp/sib x teen ocby AnimeFan44
This is an au were Philza had daughter that was Tommy's twin sister, but with Tommy always getting into trouble his sister would slowly be forgotten in the sib family
Dadzawa meets Dadza, *inhale* Oh boi- by AngieVx908
Dadzawa meets Dadza, *inhale* Oh No sleep.exe
You know what here take it, daily dose of Dadzawa and Dadza brought to you by their chaotic problem childrens. Was inspired from a comment and ya know I had to do it! He...
Hello  [ghost dream] by 1MLBM2
Hello [ghost dream]by 1MLBM2
Dream tried to swim in lava 0 Cannon lives left Dream was in prison for almost 2 years now with Techno and Phil having no idea that Dream is in prison, (as they ,Techno...
Sunflower: Tommyinnit Tangled by Skyler_LW
Sunflower: Tommyinnit Tangledby Skyler
The young prince had been kidnapped from his home forced to do what his so called brother wanted of him. Does Tommy find his family or do they lose the light of their li...
SickInnit (Sbi/BrotherBlade/Bedrock Bros) by 18Huttonch
SickInnit (Sbi/BrotherBlade/
This is a story about Tommyinnit who has had a horrible life up until he met up with his friends for a month long holiday.
Eyes Blue by The_Pen_is_Mighty
Eyes Blueby Kori
"Tommy, are you sure you're ok?" "Of course!" When Tommyinnit disappears from the internet for nearly a month, fans and friends alike panic. When he...
Technoblade x y/n (voices)  by nicotheangel12345
Technoblade x y/n (voices) by nicotheangel12345
Technoblade usually spends his time trying to quiet the voices he hears, one day someone quiets them without even trying All these characters belong to the DSMP cast I a...
"We Want This One" SBI Family.  (HIATUS) by TheMushroomWltch
"We Want This One" SBI Family. ( TheMushroomWitch
Tom Simons has lived at an orphanage for a while. So much that even the workers there make jokes like "That's as possible as getting Tom adopted!". I hurt but...
Vampire Hunter || SBI book by Vexenheart
Vampire Hunter || SBI bookby Vex
-In a world where Vampires have hunted humans for centuries- Tommy is born into a family who are famous For their vampire hunting skills, he's forced at a young age to s...
The Final Home? //Wilbur Adoption Au// by APanWeeb2
The Final Home? //Wilbur APanWeeb
Wilbur has been in the foster care system for 14 years, he has picked up some bad habits along the way. When he gets sent to Phil's he thinks its gonna be the same as al...
are love is endles(possessive sbi, tomboo) by linx_inkt
are love is endles(possessive moxie
hi my name is tommy and i have a possessive family... and im dating..... here is my story fluff, and angest !>art is not my<! 1 in #thecnoblade 31-12-2022 1 in #to...
The added color to the world by Amberdawolf6
The added color to the worldby Amberdawolf
Tommy is a vigilante in a world of heroes and villains the heroes look down on the vigilantes but they are needed in this world inspired by @ChipsRAmazing cover off Goog...
dreambur ||hybrid AU|| by coolielover
dreambur ||hybrid AU||by jace
In a world of humans people with special abilities live in hiding as they are hunted and experimented on. Yet places all over the world are made for hybrids to be thems...
Aphrodite: Goddess of love •||• Technoblade x Reader by Va1_exe
Aphrodite: Goddess of love •||• V.exe
"Aphrodite, walk with me in the silver moonlight" "Calm down Shakespeare" "I'm trying to be romantic, give me a break" y/n, 21, eldest daug...
MCYT Agere & Petre One-Shots by BlakeyInnit
MCYT Agere & Petre One-Shotsby BlakeyInnit
Mostly Tommy Requests are open SFW