Dalit Stories

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Me Sarojini by Sanu0000
Me Sarojiniby Sanu0000
Sarojini hated the life she was gifted with. the slums, the dingy alleys, the lewd boys, she always wished to aim the high. that part of the life that has always been un...
The Secular Diary by rishabhparmar6
The Secular Diaryby rishabh parmar
Why Indian mass is not following the Preamble of Constitution in India? Are we really secular? Is there any possibility to establish the true secularism in India? The S...
Dalit speaking! by DhivyaGdd
Dalit speaking!by DhivyaGdd
Compiling my personal experience and stories I have heard so far so that it could provide you an overview about how it feels to be in a system that made itself stereotyp...
A Barren Touch by nochillno
A Barren Touchby Neha
How one touch could make or break all distinctions throughout the societal barriers enveloping the barren norms. > extended summary inside <
TULA by sagaglaizamae
TULAby Glaizamae Saga
Halimbawa ng tulang haiku, tanaga, dalit at diona.
A Dream by GabrielCuerva
A Dreamby Behind The Frame
I created ''A Dream'' during one of those nights that your imagination prevents you from sleeping. It establishes a co-relation between American slavery and the Indian C...
Tula by KimberlyGambong
Tulaby Kimberly Gambong
Haiku, Tanaga, Dalit at Diona
Badnām-Gita's Spoiler Slokas by BSMurthy
Badnām-Gita's Spoiler Slokasby BSMurthy
It is for the Shudras to realize that in reality, the Bhagvad-Gita was the pristine work of their progenitors that in time got polluted by the others, and it is time for...
Jump │✔ by dreamcatcher0105
Jump │✔by dreamcatcher_0105
Jump. Easy right? No. Its not. Imagine going through a biopic of your own life, all over again, moments before you take an important decision. The times of pure bliss...
Dalit as Deva à la Black is Beautiful by BSMurthy
Dalit as Deva à la Black is Beauti...by BSMurthy
Maybe, this is an opportune dalit moment for God, who could have felt slighted at their discarding Gandhi's harijan tag but realizing at long last that they were justifi...
Dear Bapu by mariam662
Dear Bapuby Mariam Shaikh
A letter to Bapu.
dalamhati by torreon_monica
dalamhatiby MonicaRoseTorreon
Haiku, tanaga, diona, dalit
Article 15 #YourReviewOnFC by Amrisk
Article 15 #YourReviewOnFCby Amy Roy
A review of the gripping crime thriller, Article 15, that exposes the deep-rooted caste-based prejudices still prevalent in some parts of India.
Voice Of The Subaltern by hanievahab
Voice Of The Subalternby Hana Vahab
1)'Niqaab Talks' Why don't we give Niqaab( veil of Muslim women) a chance to speak today? 2) 'Two-headed snake' The double standard of the authorities reflect a clear di...
Piling Larangan by YanYan_Ssi
Piling Laranganby Dianie Gayeta
Mysore Palace, Trafficked Girls & 'Untouchables' - India by KatieShevlin9
Mysore Palace, Trafficked Girls...by Women & Travel First
My impressions after reluctantly spending a morning visiting Mysore palace, and eagerly visiting a home for girls exposed to trafficking and sexual violence. Another exa...