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Bye, Bye Virginity by Just-Krissy
Bye, Bye Virginityby Krissy
*WARNING: Written in 2008, some content may be offensive* Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother's best friend Damen Hurtz decides t...
My Mate Loves Another by Kyarnii
My Mate Loves Anotherby Kyarnii
Kara May met her mate Damen a year ago, being overjoyed she becomes crushed when he rejects her for another, wolf, Annalisa. Kara now has to live her life, watching them...
my mate (Klaroline)  by JessicaPentland
my mate (Klaroline) by Jessica Pentland
I found this story that hasn't been updated in years so I am going to continue it but the work in the first eleven chapters do not belong to me.
Eternal Bonds- (Klaroline Story)  by JessicaPentland
Eternal Bonds- (Klaroline Story) by Jessica Pentland
https://youtu.be/rr82UgJcqNo Trailer on this link Hayley did not get pregnant with hope I have nothing against hope I just don't like Hayley. Joe never died so she and A...
Stranger ( Damon Salvatore) by Shaxious
Stranger ( Damon Salvatore)by Shannan.
Damon Salvatore. Hurt by all the women that he loved. But, what if his games dont work? Will he still find true love? Or will he be doomed to only love himself for the r...
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Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy by TyrannoVox
Power Rangers: Lost Galaxyby Dimitri
A new team of Power Rangers have arise and I am a part of it! Follow our journey of protecting and fighting. Go Galactic! A story I thought of while watching power range...
daddy by lil-babe420
daddyby lil-babe420
(MATURE ONLY) ___________________________ this book will contain sex and a lot of it. xoxo
Chase: The Sequel To Noticed by savannahstories
Chase: The Sequel To Noticedby Savannah
It's been five years since twenty-two year old Isabella Montie moved to Louisiana. After college, she moved away, to Ohio, far away from her homeland; Oregon. She has he...
The Stolen Crown by littlelammy
The Stolen Crownby Littlelammy
A soldier, Camilla, that battles between love and her passion. But when everything comes crumbling down before her eyes, who will she save? Her best friend or the one sh...
Friseur Damen by xekotef770
Friseur Damenby
Friseur Steyr, Friseur Gleink, Friseur Ennsleite | Haar' le Julia | Steyr Friseur Friseur Steyr | Steyr Friseur - Haar le Julia - Dein Friseur in Steyr Zufälle machen Ha...
Melodies by Weendie_
Melodiesby Laureline
Damen empieza a desaparecer de vez en cuando, haciendo que Laurent se tema lo peor...
CoryHunterWinn×Damen.com by WordsForYouAndTiktok
CoryHunterWinn×Damen.comby WordsForYouAndTiktok
Y'all I just really wanted to do this so I guess this is what I'm doing with my life now! Gay fanfictions rule the world ig. I'm amazing at 'em, though. I think. ANYWAYY...
Captivated || Damen & Laurent by sunrow
Captivated || Damen & Laurentby Sunrow
When Laurent escapes his uncle's business of exploiting the fact he's a chimera - a human and animal hybrid - he literally bumps into Damen, the son of an old family fri...
A slayers destiny by cicikarlen
A slayers destinyby crystal karlen
What would you do if you had to chose between the two people you love the most, and if the wrong choice could kill you? Elizabeth , a teenage girl, aka the slayer has a...
Falling in Love is Hard to Do by wattacutie
Falling in Love is Hard to Doby wattacutie
Anna Evers has been boycotting boys since 5 years ago when her last boyfriend broke her heart. She is happily content with her best friend who has given up boys with he...
Rave by RazzberryBagel
Raveby Razzberry_Bagel
Rave is just your normal 18 year old, fresh outa high school, stable job, and friends who actually care. Damen seems to be your normal 19 year old. Only issue? He seems...