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Demon slayer: What if (Season one: The rising sun) (Being rewritten!!!!) by goldenmope
Demon slayer: What if (Season Golden Mope
What if Tanjiro had a natural demon slayer mark he was born with? What if that mark didn't give him incredible strength, speed, or agility, but did something else? What...
Their Dance by Hibiki_Aoki
Their Danceby Hibiki_Aoki
This story is if Tanjirou didn't become a demon slayer and his sister Nezuko did not become a demon. They were both street dancers. After their family died the way they...
The Legend Of Qing Gui by JoshuaBruno
The Legend Of Qing Guiby Joshua Bruno
This short story is loosely based on the game; Tower Of Saviors. The characters are the only things extracted from the game whereas the rest of the story is original. Th...
'' Descendant '' [KNY/Demon Slayer x Male Reader] by Zacaptain
'' Descendant '' [KNY/Demon Writer_for_fun
"What is the Value of life to you?"
YOU ARE THE SUN HASHIRA?!!(Omega Virse Tanjiro Harem) by disokkd
YOU ARE THE SUN HASHIRA?!!(Omega 𝑅ʜxᴀɴ_ᴍᴍ.♤
Human Nezuko •[Nezuko x Kanao]• •[Zenitsu x UzuiTengen]• •[Inosuke x Aoi]• •[mitsuri x Shinobu]• Not part of harem↓ Ubuyas...