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Puppet Deku by SomeoneWhoMakesStuff
Puppet Dekuby Fandom_Stories
Izuku was killed by a villain after he protected Bakugo. Bakugo felt guilty about his past and became a hero for his childhood friend. Bakugo goes to UA and when he was...
Trauma (Deku x Winged!Reader [ft. Shigaraki]) by NellaJaySteel
Trauma (Deku x Winged!Reader [ft...by Hero: Gumpy! 🎗🐷
The Paranormal Liberation War is coming to a close. Y/N makes a decision of whether take Deku and run or to stay and fight Shigaraki. Deku disappears after the war and S...
(Villain Deku x Reader) by Snowy-chan13
(Villain Deku x Reader)by Wifey
THRUTH QUIRK "Oi, Pathetic girl buying a bar of chocolate, comere." A tick mark appeared on the females head. "Who, the FUCK, do you think you are...
No Room in Hell by NaClOverdose
No Room in Hellby NaCl
Izuku Midoriya had been bullied, put down, and targeted for the fact that he didn't have a quirk. Over time he slowly lost the will to live, every day brought him closer...
The Hero-Villan  by Daizy4205
The Hero-Villan by Daizy4205
Izuku Midoriya at the age of 4 was thrilled to have a quirk even if it would take time for him to develop it. He one day discovers the ugly truth as to seeing his mother...
My villain academia by VillainVixen
My villain academiaby Vixen
(OG art) Izuku is the son of a ruthless villain, Hisashi Midoriya, his mom left in his early years as he began to like the idea of being a villain and she couldn't take...
Of Many Façades by Hatsune1Mikuchan
Of Many Façadesby はつね みく
All my life there was always someone telling me my worth, that there is not enough room in this world for the quirkless. Or that I should just end it all, maybe in the n...
The silent hero. by Opmfan
The silent hero.by ⚠
what if izuku was born with a quirk,but couldn't talk.That is what this story is about.(credits for the cover go to samuelzea from devian.art!
cigarettes and blood (no one cares for the boy in the corner) by koipaints
cigarettes and blood (no one cares...by infinity
Izuku Midoriya really doesn't want to be a hero. At this point, he doesn't even think he can be. But UA is the safest place for him right now. Well, that's what he thoug...
The Puppeteer by SweetNightmare01
The Puppeteerby Sweet Nightmare
Blood, torture, death, possibly major character death, depression I will be starting at the USJ battle and may skip a lot of things from the anime, only showing big mome...
I became a monster by weeb_next_door123
I became a monsterby Neighbourhood_weeb123
Izuku is kidnaped by the villain and experimented on becoming there newest nomu. izuku is left empty and hollow . will the once filled with life boy ever be the same.
What Have I Done? by ARC655
What Have I Done?by ARCERET
A 3rd-year Izuku now has to live with the fact that he killed Shigaraki. Though cleared of his charges, he's branded by his peers as scum and villainy. In this AU OFA d...
Onee-san at Midnight by otterryan
Onee-san at Midnightby Ryan Watson
Izuku Midoriya. Deku. Cinnamon Roll. And last but not least the little brother of pro hero Midnight. Nature works in strange ways and fate likes to laugh at that. What h...
The Analytical Move-setter (MHA x Pokemon + others) by nbjdawe2001
The Analytical Move-setter (MHA x...by Nathan Dawe
overview: Izuku Midoriya was having a great day, the sun was shinning etc. but when he is accused of treason and sent to Tartarus prison, he sees how his 'Friends' chang...