Darkonedirection Stories

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PRIVILEGE by thirteen13blue
COMPLETED DARK HARRY STYLES AU Have you ever been so in love with someone that they consumed your every thought, that you couldn't fathom the idea of losing them? Now im...
Paranoia (Zayn Malik) (editing) by CoBl_7
Paranoia (Zayn Malik) (editing)by C
_ 'Insomnia is technically a sleep disorder. I consider it torture of your own brain's design. The self-sabotage of your control system screwing you over in one of the...
stalker || harry styles by bbybittersweet
stalker || harry stylesby samantha
"Soon love, soon you'll be mine." In which a young woman falls victim to the boy next door; as she slowly uncovers his deepest secrets and darkest desires. Dar...
rules by oneD5sos9
rulesby 1D5sos
"if your going to know what we really do, were going to have to go over some rules"
Inscrutable || H.S. by 1DontEatYellowSnow
Inscrutable || H.S.by 1DontEatYellowSnow
"Why are y'all playing games?" I shout "Virginia! Stop trying to figure out how the world works. It's none of your fucking business!" Harry shouts b...
HELL. >>Louis Tomlinson Demon fanfic>> by MarieCalder98
HELL. >>Louis Tomlinson Demon fanf...by Meli Kwon
It was hard to see her not being able to touch her the way I want to. I can sense her innocence from just watching her as she quietly walked to school. I wanted her. I w...
CRIMINAL / l.t by nicotineveins
CRIMINAL / l.tby nicotineveins
In the city of Seattle, a sudden escalating amount of crime is leaving everyone in fear. Police have determined this as the work of the sk5. A group of young adult males...
Syndrome by Ahall2468
Syndromeby Autumn
I bit my lip, not being able to see, I wiggled around in my chair trying to break free, but a part of me doesn't, I'm bruised, scarred, bleeding, but i'm not scared, i'm...
Kidnapped by One Direction? by liams21inch
Kidnapped by One Direction?by liams21inch
Harley's just a normal girl, but what happens when a gang called One Direction break into her house and kidnap her, did they plan for this all along or was she just some...
Blood Lines  by harrynleather
Blood Lines by thisisafamilyshow
I've always wanted my life to be like a story. One for myself. Something I've created. Something that is full of adventure and excitement. When 19 year old Aralia Mathe...
HOW I SAVED MY MARRIAGE  by p1early2pearly
HOW I SAVED MY MARRIAGE by p1early2pearly
A mischief by a relation against their Marriage turns out to be their greatest shock However,Abby manages to settle this hatched plan to disintegrate her new home But...
Poison || H.S. by Simp4StilesStilinski
Poison || H.S.by Simp4StilesStilinski
"Do you regret it?" "Regret what?" "Everything." She looked to her side, seeing him staring at her. He was taking in her features. He knew...
Beast by PolarText
Beastby PolarText
"Charlie?" "Hmm?" "What is love?" "Where did you learn that word?" "From Beauty and the Beast. T...
The Orphanage by becomingnat
The Orphanageby becomingnat
"Love, trust me. I'll save you for last."