Darkwitches Stories

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Rhea Hel is the golden girl of Hogwarts. Everyone adores her and worships the ground she walks on. She flashes a smile or bats her eyes and everyone falls in line behind...
Witch King Beautiful Creatures Series: Elder Coven I by Ximon_Luna
Witch King Beautiful Creatures Ser...by Ximon Luna
The story of the rise and fall of a kingdom and the young prince born with witch blood. Everyone has their own path but what if you find out you might be evil. That dark...
Tricks, Treats and ... {#Halloween2018} by GhostUnknown23
Tricks, Treats and ... {#Halloween...by Sera Air
My entry to fright fest. It's in the comments section of the contest. ||You open the door to a group of three trick-or-treaters. Slowly the one at the very back removes...
She's Darkness : He's Light by Snoosugar15
She's Darkness : He's Lightby No One
She's fond of Darkness, While He's the Light, What will happen if these two opposite poles collide.
Light Witches V.S. Dark Witches by omarydaley
Light Witches V.S. Dark Witchesby omarydaley
Claire is the most powerful witch to ever roam the earth. Her mother was captured by the leader of the dark witches, Theodora when she was 16 years old. The dark witches...
Tainted Love || ON HOLD by catherineezzz
Tainted Love || ON HOLDby HIATUS
"Listen up here, pretty girl. Just because you are my chosen does't mean you're my equal." He started playing with my brown locks. "You will stay home, co...
Lucifer by Regina_Imperia
Luciferby Regina_Imperia
Have we ever wondered how the brightest, the incorruptible angel became, well, corrupt? Of course, we did. And yes, the bible answered. He refused to let his Pride down...
The white wonderland  by bluesaphiremoon
The white wonderland by bluesaphiremoon
A thousand years ago a war broke out between two sisters over the death of the third sister. Witches of all nations and queens of all countries joined their chosen siste...
Bound to Fate, Ruined with Magic by KimbaabmiK
Bound to Fate, Ruined with Magicby KimbaabmiK
Kacey and Kora are warrior wolves. When Kacey transform, there is something a little different and special about herself, but she doesn't reach her full potential until...
The Fright Spell by deathofaseren
The Fright Spellby Moonlit Sonata
Join Cavender and his friends in an epic journey of finding yourself and your magic. NOTE: Everything in this story I made up myself so please don't correct me on witch...