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AAD Oneshots by Nutellapufferfish
AAD Oneshotsby Nutella
{[Discontinued]}Random Oneshots and unfinished writings Some A/D pairing NO SMUT Feel free to continue any of these just please credit me. Enjoy x
Fire & Ice by DavidCowell
Fire & Iceby DavidCowell
David, under his sassy ,diva personality hides one of insecurities and anxiety. Simon on the other hand is dealing with a lot of work stress to the point of him feeling...
Dec's Daughter 2 by TheDonnellyDaughter
Dec's Daughter 2by Charlie
Charlie Donnelly is no longer an only child, she has one brother but she never sees him, then on September 1st 2018 her baby sister Isla Elizabeth Anne was born. Charlie...
Dec's Daughter by TheDonnellyDaughter
Dec's Daughterby Charlie
What Would It Be Like If Declan Donnelly Had A Daughter? Or If Diversity had a girl troupe member? Or Stephen had a co host? Or Got To Dance had another girl judge ? Or...
only for you | damon ✓ by damonfan2
only for you | damon ✓by damonfan2
❝ everything is perfect, baby ❞ - affairs, lust and a four year old child never go well together, and when david walliams' skit of being in love with simon cowell unexpe...
Pictures and Gifs Of Damon And Just Bgt by DamonIsBest
Pictures and Gifs Of Damon And Jus...by DamonIsBest
just a book full of pictures and stuff of David Walliams and Simon Cowell and just bgt.
My other half by LimeCandyfloss
My other halfby LimeCandyfloss
"I never believed, once that I find, who I can call my soulmate. But I found you. This It's like, when we realise, that the miracles are exist, and the dreams becom...
oh! Walliams!!! by always_damon
oh! Walliams!!!by always_damon
"sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime, and i have had enough of crime that's all we both wanted something special, something sacred in our life this time i t...
BGT House by jibber098
BGT Houseby jibber098
Ok, so this is a weird concept I keep thinking about: what if all the BGT hosts and judges lived in a house together? Let's find out...
i'm yours | damon ✓ by damonfan2
i'm yours | damon ✓by damonfan2
❝ david, i'm yours. i was yours from day one and will be yours forevermore ❞ - in the sequel to only for you, the world brings more obstacles for simon and david cowell...
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Damon (one-shot) by always_damon
Damon (one-shot)by always_damon
its all about David Walliams and Simon Cowell oopsss....there's a lot of smut. but hey i gave warning first so if you don't like to read the smut chapter, you can just...
Mistery of Love by 1damon
Mistery of Loveby some random girl
"Blessed be the mystery of love."
Symphony | damon ✔ by multibgt
Symphony | damon ✔by Gabrielle
Simon Cowell and David Walliams are both judges on Britain's got Talent and are well known for their bromance on the show. Simon wishes to have a life with David, knowin...
Damon One-Shots (David Walliams x Simon Cowell) by abcdamon
Damon One-Shots (David Walliams x...by julia シ
"Damon still, always will." 🖤🖤🖤
New Family by Lizzie-40-Whacks
New Familyby Queenie
Bambi has been a part of the bgt team for years. This year, though, she ends up accidentally making herself known to the very people that she's been trying to fly under...
[ DAMON ] From nothing to everything by iamsharonle
[ DAMON ] From nothing to everythi...by Sharon Le
[ DAVID x SIMON ] I'm gonna died because of the cuteness of this couple!!!! David is completely straight, before he met Simon Cowell :)))
Love last's forever [Damon/BGT] by Lonewolf_dreams
Love last's forever [Damon/BGT]by Lonewolf_dreams
David Walliams has had a crush on Simon Cowell for years now but he can't keep his feelings any longer... he has to confess is fellings... but how is the amazing Simon C...
LOST by Lonewolf_dreams
LOSTby Lonewolf_dreams
"I don't know maybe this feeling is wrong but... I want it... I want you." David just moved to Japan to get away from his life and from Simon but will he reall...