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Dawnhammer Origins: Dawn of the Guardians by Arrowmancer
Dawnhammer Origins: Dawn of the Gu...by Arrowmancer
Five centuries before the events of Dawnhammer, the Guardians entered the Great War. The events recounted here tell of the final casualty. - If youre interested, here's...
Dawnhammer Origins: Angel One by Arrowmancer
Dawnhammer Origins: Angel Oneby Arrowmancer
Prior to the events of Dawnhammer, seven men and women created a moment in time that drew the attention of Dawnhammer's Artificial Intelligence: Haden. Valeri, as a you...
1000 -  A Short From The Dawnhammer Universe by Arrowmancer
1000 - A Short From The Dawnhamme...by Arrowmancer
From the Dawnhammer Universe! A science fiction short written using exactly 1000 words.