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"A happy ending finally" by nncgrath
"A happy ending finally"by nncgrath
!NEW PART EVERY WEEK! This is about Supergirl a DC series, it's not necessary to have seen the series before to understand what's going on, but it would help a lot, you...
Back To College- Harlivy by Manabast-2002
Back To College- Harlivyby Manabast-2002
"Harley is keeping a secret... Ivy is also keeping a secret. Everything will come to the light when the both of them have to go back to Riddle U. After Mr. Freeze's...
Losing It. by Nitrostrike
Losing It.by Bite Me.
"I'm turning myself in," I sighed, leaning back in my chair. Maroni's face dropped, "Kid, you do that and you're a dead man. A dead man! You hear me?"...