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A second chance? REMAKE by Babycakes9080
A second chance? REMAKEby Babycakes
Casita has been rebuild everything is great, and Pedro visits Mirabel one night and turns her into a 6 month old baby. How will her family react? Will they take care of...
The Value of Recognition by Aurora077
The Value of Recognitionby Aurora077
Jiang Cheng takes a curse meant for Lan Sizhui and is turned into a 3 year old. The baby Sandu Shengshou proceeds to cry his little eyes out because he's surrounded by s...
Little Grian joins sbi by Moomoo43234
Little Grian joins sbiby Moomoo43234
I watch them out the corner of my eye in surprise as they make their way towards Techno, normally his big figure would scare people away. But apparently not this kid who...
Littlespace Dream (SFW) by full_time_homo
Littlespace Dream (SFW)by full_time_homo
looking for well-written little space Dream one-shots? You've come to the right place :)
Adventures in childhood, again- a Drarry story by skreet_skreet
Adventures in childhood, again- Skreet
A potions accident leaves Draco Malfoy a toddler, and due Draco being stubborn, Harry Potter is left to take care of him. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters...
Adventures In Leo-Sitting by ImagionationStation
Adventures In Leo-Sittingby Ninja Neko
This story is dedicated to my favorite and only little sister! After an accident in Donnie's lab, a table full of chemicals gets dunked onto Leo. When nothing happen...
Little Dream Team by astrosparagus
Little Dream Teamby astrosparagus
What's more chaotic than one little? Not two, but three littles! Under one roof! That's right folks, you heard it here. The Dream Team are age regressors. How on Earth i...
Peek into Alexander's past by Pinxku
Peek into Alexander's pastby Pinxku
Alexander gets de-aged and Washington has to look out for his son in the middle of a revolution who is suddenly 6. People get a glimpse at Alexander's less than ideal ch...
The Puppet Who Broke Free, That Girl Was Me by KyomotoTaiga
The Puppet Who Broke Free, That I am SixTONES
Twenty-First TropeTember Entry: Loki accidentally messes up a spell that was supposed to help her escape the Avengers Tower. She instead becomes stuck as a little kid. M...
A Terrible Pair by Subby_Humanoid
A Terrible Pairby Hooman_Sub
What happens when Dream and Technoblade are accidentally hit with a De-Aging Potion while playing manhunt involving the whole server. Well, much more pettiness and child...
Subaru's Childhood by Reactionist1
Subaru's Childhoodby Reactionist
In place of her knight, Emilia finds a little brother she would grow to love, tease and protect instead.
Felinette Prompts by san-fics
Felinette Promptsby san-fics
Basically, I couldn't find Felinette prompts, so I started sharing my own ones on Tumblr. Why don't I post them for you too? If you're inspired enough to write any of th...
How Hard Can It Be? by Rebel-Geek
How Hard Can It Be?by Bailey
Taking care of children was never easy for everyone, not even for Bill. Especially if you're homeless, naked and have ten babies... Beta: Sugarpea7 Gravity falls and it'...
Enchantment by CWfanficwriter
Enchantmentby CWfanficwriter
When Brock and Reba open an ancient book and read from the text, they find themselves trapped in their fifteen year old bodies. How will this turn out for the pair when...
The tiny Advisor and the Knight by aka1kiru
The tiny Advisor and the Knightby yunus durmus
To stop his son to be Zero even if Lelouch ever gets his memories back Charles had the idea of de-aging his son but still sending him to the EU.
Little troublemaker by Sparky_galaxy
Little troublemakerby Gracie
Praxina has been regressed/de-aged Not good at descriptions Lots of horrible spelling and grammar tho'
Descendants and The Crazy Turban Guy by blackdragonslayer14
Descendants and The Crazy Turban Sarah
Mal, Evie, Jane, and Jay are all de-aged and sent back in time to protect Harry Potter. Takes place in the 1st year. Those four are going and no one else because they al...