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Family Isn't Just Blood (Complete) by milo_jude
Family Isn't Just Blood (Complete)by Milo Jude
Hailey Evans, a 17 year old girl with a rough past. When she was 8 she watches as her abusive father murder her mother. A year after that, she's put in an orphanage. Sh...
Closet Case by milo_jude
Closet Caseby Milo Jude
Benjamin Hills is the only openly gay kid in his school. He's a nerd and only has 1 friend. He's bullied by the whole football team. One day he's paired up with the star...
Dr stilinski (completed) by thenotsocrazylunatic
Dr stilinski (completed)by Lunatic
Stiles finds his way into LA as scott trows him out of the pack after the nougitsune...what will he do...what has he donne?
Big Mouth x Male Reader by JeffThKillr
Big Mouth x Male Readerby Goku Black
No spoiling But there is a harem XD Btw your straighter than a stripper pole :3
Devil's Witch (2.0) by _Ghost_Toast09
Devil's Witch (2.0)by Ghost
What if Izuku Midoriya was born with two quirks? What if Izuku was older? What if Inko wasn't the who raised Izuku? Why? Who raised him? Who are his friends? Well, l...
Solitary by Caring_One
Solitaryby Caring_One
Amelia Jones was abused and neglected by her parents and stepdad since she was born. After her mom died of what was deemed suicide when she was thirteen, she hardened. S...
Why..(Lelouch Lamperouge X ABUSED! Reader) by Emmocupcakes
Why..(Lelouch Lamperouge X Emmocupcakes
Your mother died in a car accident and ever since then your father has been drinking and sometimes when he's drunk he will take it out on you. You didn't ever tell anyon...
Tear Drops by Mycolorguardian45
Tear Dropsby Eᴍᴍᴀ Pᴀʜᴏʟᴀ
C O M P L E T E D ✓ [A SHORT STORY] [🎤= lyric chapter] Marinette Dupain-Cheng was a happy peppy girl that loved to sing, design, and be with her friends. But when somet...
Izuku is dead (Vigilante deku) (being continued soon) by dinonuggies240
Izuku is dead (Vigilante deku) ( thatonenuggiet
Disclaimer I do not own any of the pictures and videos in the story and I don't own mha In a short wait this story is going to be back on Something happened to izuku t...
Beetlejuice characters x reader oneshots by emilie250703
Beetlejuice characters x reader E. L. Schlichting
This is different scenes of different lenght, where you are in the Beetlejuice universe. Wheter you base it on the movie, the tv-show or the musical is interely up to y...
Book Ideas by MagiCaThExcellent
Book Ideasby Sam
This is a book of ideas for books that anyone can use, the only thing you have to do is tell me the title of the book. I'm gonna write a description you can change and t...
Izuku is tired (Discontinued) by dinonuggies240
Izuku is tired (Discontinued)by thatonenuggiet
Disclaimer I do not own any of the pictures and videos in the story and I don't own mha Izuku Have had it with people pushing him around so he drops his Cinnamon roll a...
The Hunt  by actualm00ngoddess
The Hunt by ✨ky✨
I know animals have always liked me, they won't leave me alone if I'm in the same room with them. I also know, that that didn't stop me from being a little more than sur...
A Lie Untold  by OliveTr4shm0uth
A Lie Untold by bree
I dunno what to put here :)
Our Three Daughters by lowestcake
Our Three Daughtersby Chim~Kook💓
Jeon Jungkook lost his wife due to her heart attack. Jungkook has to deal with his three girls by himself. Jimin on the other hand is Jungkooks dead wifes bestfriend. He...
A Mirror Of Color by Glittergirl153
A Mirror Of Colorby REBEKAHHH
Read Prologue on the inside. *DISCLAIMER* I own all of these characters, anything remotely the same is completely accidental. Also, there is no love interest in this sto...
Living the Dream, Surviving the Nightmare by the_lost_dreamer
Living the Dream, Surviving the I'm a Lost Dreamer
Aurora had a perfect life. Friends, a loving mother and father, a great big home, even a special gift with poetry and her creative writing. Her gift is so special that s...