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We Got Transported Into A Novel, Mother! by Novel_FamA
We Got Transported Into A Novel, Novel_FamA
It was just like any unusual protagonists' lives, Ron and Elisa were famous for their natural beauty and for being the top scorers in college... Students consider them c...
Deep Sleep (Complete) by rbwoods
Deep Sleep (Complete)by rb woods
Leah Archer was just 12 years old when she hit her head on a rock and fell into a coma, one that doctors weren't sure she'd ever come back from. But when she wakes up fo...
Albino Animals by justin501
Albino Animalsby justin501
This is a book of awesome albino animals and if anyone wants me to add facts about the animal, let me know and enjoy !
Consciousness! by rd9011
Consciousness!by rd9011
Whether I exist or not is for you the "readers" to decide. In doing so you will unknowingly introspect your own existence, now that's a thriller!
The Moon In Her Eyes by Delusion_01
The Moon In Her Eyesby Delusion
It has the explanation of three different aspects of life.. Its a combination of fear, hope and happiness.. It shows tragedy and triumph, helplessness and hopefulness...
CANDY DOG by justin501
CANDY DOGby justin501
Young Kayle wants to go trick-or-treating. Her parents are drug addicts, which made Kayle's life miserable. Will Kayle's life ever change ? I hope you will enjoy this st...
Missing Futures: Tenka by Abby-the-Abyssinian
Missing Futures: Tenkaby Parker
On the day of Tenka's 15th birthday, a stranger comes to visit. Giving her two things before sending her a nightmare of trials and immediately runs into reanimated corps...
My Class Story by justin501
My Class Storyby justin501
This is a wacky story that my whole class made. Each person wrote a sentence, soon I will post My Class Inspired Story. It is the same but it actually makes sense...
Book of dreams by Moonlit_Hireath
Book of dreamsby Būnny
Yeah that's it, this is going to be where I put all my dreams, some are good enough to make small sorties out of them
Life In a Dream by SkullLover12
Life In a Dreamby SkullLover12
This book is called Life in a Dream because everything to me is a dream.
Deep sleep  by GraceRees4
Deep sleep by arson
Poems and thoughts that send you to the deepest area of your imagination written by myself. please do not copy, or steal my work without my permission. Thank you 😊
Deep Sleep by tisindeedtheflamingo
It takes approximately thirty seconds for almost all of the Earth's population to fall asleep. This is not usual. One man stays awake. This is even stranger. He's not a...
My Dream Journal by Twerkliketommo
My Dream Journalby Twerkliketommo
This is just a place where I can put all the dreams I have at night that I remember